Saturday, May 28, 2005

Steve's story...the next bit!

we arrived in Milan and headed for number 7 Via Alquino, Where our family friends Franco, Rita and their son Biaggio lived, we freshened up and then went to franco's bar, the Stalingrado a few hundred yards down the road where lots of pasta was eaten along with loads of wine and beer. the next day was taken up with sight seeing first it was the duomo {cathedral) outside of which i found 10,000 lire about £12.00 in our money, i've always said that it was a gift from God, everyone said i was the jammiest so an so but i didn't care a bit, the inside of the duomo is absolutely breathtaking, they have a sundial on the floor lined up with a hole in the roof it was fascinating watching the beam of sunlight move across the floor as time went by,we also took the tour of the cathedral roof i felt a bit queezy outside as i am not too good with heights but the views of the city were magnificent .

we left milan after four days and set off on the return journey home, dad had emptied the fresh water barrel in the caravanette and filled it with red wine!! so we had to buy bottled water for the way home we took in the rhine valley in germany on the way home stopping at a place called heidelburg very nice town with a big castle over looking the town square, i remember lots of people dancing dressed in leiderhosen the music was very suspect and loud i think its called umpa music (actually, the terminology is 'Schlager'...ed) or something.
Back at the campsite it was time for bed we were all a little tipsey having drunk at least a pint of german lager and things were getting silly, tony and me sneaked out for a crafty fag to the shower block and pinched all the plugs from the sinks and baths, great stuff ..then graham went to the loo and we hid his air bed and sleeping bag oh how we laughed!.that rounds off the holiday tale.

When we got back to Ulverston i decided to spend some time at my nans house rather than go home to my mums there was still two or three weeks school holiday left so i decided to make the most of it, we had quite a large gang of friends at this point in time they included some characters like Barry Simpson whose older brother was leader of the local hells angel chapter, Graham Hill who was obsessed with the occult and the paranormal, Shaun Eccles local thug, Robin Chadwick Local Bully and cat burglar, Andy Steele and Alan Lindsey the last two fellas saved my life when i almost drowned in the local canal, it was a very hot day and we decided to go swimming all day down the canal there was a pub at either end of the canal so refreshment was never far away, we decided to climb on to the railway bridge and jump into the canal which we did with no problem it was a fantastic day and we all had great fun at the end of the day we were walking back up the towpath and decided it would be quicker to swim across the basin than to walk around, Tony, Graham and the others walked around while Andy, Alan and myself decided to swim it Alan and Andy made across but i got really tired and my legs felt like lead and i said "help me lads i'm knackered" and with that i went under, it is a really wierd feeling almost drowning its almost comfortable in a strange sort of way and i don't know why but i felt safe, perhaps my mind had remembered being in the womb or something you know surrounded by water, suddenly i feel someones hand grab my long hair and then another grabbed my arm the next thing i know i am lying on the towpath exhausted i will always be grateful to these two lads cos i dont think i would be here now otherwise, god we got into some scrapes.

Now, you have met most of the lads let introduce you to the female element of our collective,first there was Marie she was a fiesty lass she was scottish and also my cousin Tony's girlfriend, then there was Marie's friend Heather an absolute stunner,then my girl at the time was Alison a very buxom dark haired beauty, then came along the hard bitches Nettie, Tracie, Theresa and her sister Diane and finally the posh birds helen and sister kelly, we all hung around together in a big gang in a part of town called the honey pot you know the sort of area i mean, its a bit like where i am living now, but it was full of hells angels with big motorcycles and as we were all into the heavy metal music scene of the time they seemed to accept us walking around there patch dressed in a similar way to them thats how i got into motor bikes really they would take us out for rides on tier bikes it was great. one night barry's brother invited us to a beach party at a place called triddley next to the railway viaduct we all said yes but would have to ask permission which i did not get but devious as i am i told a few white lies and low and behold we were going to the beach party YES!!!

when Alison and i got there, there was loads of people and the party was in full swing we soon drank the two bottles of cider we had stole from the off liscence and were really into the atmosphere the sea air, sound s of the waves crashing, the massive bonfire made out of railway sleepers it was just amazing.

Alison and i were sat just out of the light of the fire talking about stuff and we decided to go for a walk down to the sea ( if you ever get chance to see the tides turn in an estuary take it) the tide was coming in and the water was eroding the sandbanks just to see huge walls of sand crash into the sea by moonlight is just awesome, this night was special for another reason which you probably gather involves sex and it was outside god it was fantastic and also my first time, we were 14 years old and on another planet.............
that it for now see you next week steve.


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell Steve, I bet you would not let Edward swim in a river or canal? You have such a great memory. I liked the last part, but then that's no surprise Gx

Anonymous said...

fandabbidozzi lol xxxx

mcaretaker said...

The point about growing up is not letting your parents know. Of course they will try and stop you. Its what parents do. I now realise this since I became one.