Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Go Gina!


Only one week to go until I'm off on holiday. Have you ever tried to get flights from your local airport during half term week. Plenty of flights if you don't mind travelling in the middle of the night, well at half term I suspect there will be loads of young children travelling, who wants to be on a flight with tired kids-not me, thanks.

Soon to be 7 year old will be taken out of school for 2 days to accommodate this break, as instructed I have completed the appropriate form to seek approval. This must be done at least two weeks prior to you child being absent, so 5 weeks ago I returned said form to school. Do I have the approval? To be honest I really don't know, as they only contact you if they are not going to approve the leave. How many parents will then cancel the holiday because the school won't approve the absence? I suspect, not many.

To be honest I think the county council are trying to improve attendance, that's fine, and I back them 100%, but they will never stop the irresponsible parents who always drop their children off late in the mornings and think nothing of just not sending them to school. On that subject, on the odd time that 7 year old has been late due to a Dr/Dentist appointment I am always staggered by the number of children who have been signed in late and some of the excuses, my thoughts are in brackets, here are a few

09.30 bad behavious (was that the child or the parent)
09.15 overslept (try going to bed earlier)
09.20 car would not start (you live in the catchment area, try walking)
09.25 would not eat breakfast (send them to school hungry)

Surely parents need to be setting a good example to their children. Don't misunderstand me, I am not a model parent, and am sure I will continue to make many mistakes along the way, but if children accept lateness and lame excuses as acceptable, how will they cope in later life?

This entry was meant to be fun and light hearted, instead I've managed to get on my soap box and rant and rave-sorry.

Just think the alternative blog was about two of my favourite subjects, sex and surveys, I will have to save that for another day. I did start the survey on Sunday and was amazed at the results, things I though men would be turned off by, actually appears to be a big turn on! As the old saying goes, you live an learn! I certainly have. Start feeling sorry(or not) for the next victim to enter G's world!


mcaretaker said...

I'm sure any victim to enter Gs world will do it with there eyes wide open and exspecting anything.Go get em kid.

Anonymous said...

will you be posting the results of sunday's survey Gina?

Anonymous said...

G have a great holiday dont think of us all slaving away at home and try to get out a couple of times in the evening you might enjoy it let your hair down!!!

oh and yes lets have the survey lol

Lisa xxxxxxx