Friday, December 31, 2004

A Day in Hell

Well...the drinks session didn't happen...well not for me anyway. The curse of christmas got to me for the third year in a row and i was struck down by some miserable virus at 6pm in the evening. Suffice to say I spent the next 24 hours basically locked into the toilet...a most miserable existence if ever i knew one.

I woke this morning drugged up to the eyeballs and feeling very low, have now lost the hearing in one ear so the balance isnt too bang goes new years eve. My friends Martin and lisa will have to celebrate without me this year but they are getting used to that now :)

I wish you all a peaceful and a very happy new year...lets make 2005 a better one !

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

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New Beginnings

The mists of xmas slowly parted and i awoke this morning determined to not get angry with anybody...that lasted all of about 2 hours. Why is it that the people you love the most think they can do or say things to hurt you and that it won't cause any damage because you love them...

I've cried a lot this year, i don't mind admitting that, either through grief, depression, anger and even lost love. It all seemed to have happened in the latter part of the year and blew up into an almighty emotional maelstrom that launched itself around November. I think i'm pulling through, i'm feeling a lot more rational although slightly used and ragged around the edges.

By the way have just added a pic for those that don't know me!

Well it's time for a pretend new years eve drinking session tonight surrounded by people i love and as it's the last time we will all be together before 2005 it should be quite a hoot!