Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Lisa's lashings!

Well its that time of the week another blog to write Neil phoning up and pressur... oops I mean reminding me that I haven’t sent him one

I just wanted to say what a fabulous time I had last week at the Rufus Wainwright gig in Cambridge for all of those who missed it – you should have been there it was fantastic! I was standing next to a girl and we got chatting and it turns out that we both use to frequent Rock City in Nottingham around the same time and saw the same gigs there too! How bizarre is that it was great reminiscing about how great Rock City was.

Anyway I thought I would tell you about my fabulous night on Friday I did not go to the Wellie on Friday night I hear a good time was had by all and Neil was suffering from a hangover the next day.

I went to Milton Keynes to see Miss Saigon with the crowd from Homeless – we went to a fabulous Italian restaurant before the show called Zizzi and the food was incredible I highly recommend it (

If you have never seen the show you really should I cried, it was lovely the whole production was brilliant the visual aspects were really good and the cast were fantastic I cant say enough about it.

Now I am so looking forward to Thursday and the trip to London with Neil, Steve and Jean Claude who I am looking forward to meeting. (I promise to be on my best behaviour lol) I am just waiting to see if there will be any more gigs to attend this year I only have one more in June to see Green Day at the Milton Keynes Bowl with my brother Paul and his mates.

On a lighter note I was sent an email on the pros and cons of dating a younger man and dating and older guy so here it is

Younger Man
Sexy firm fit body (well most of the time)
Fewer hang ups fewer bad relationships to be scarred from (who says)
You can enjoy looking at his mates
Open to instruction from a sexually experienced older woman

Sexually inexperienced
No Money
Smelly flat and flatmates always hanging around
You might get insecure about younger women around him

Older Man
Sexually experienced (you hope!)
Often richer and more successful (where are these ones then!)
Because of the above more likely to have their own home(s) cars and money to lavish on you (yeah right)
More confident, self assured – they have been through the twenties angst already (who are you trying to kid)
You’re the nubile young thing (!)

Baggage ex-wives, weird past, children,
They might not wear there age well
Nothing in common with your friends or with you out of bed (most important thing if your friends don’t like him maybe he is not the man for you!)

Ladies do we agree with this or not?

Well I am off to check this theory out so will let you know! Oh maybe not that will involve having to shave my legs………………………..

Lisa x


mcaretaker said...

Hmm can't comment as I have never dated an older or yonger man.
Actually thats a point.Talking purly about the visuals. I understand why men go out with women and I understand why women go out with women. A womans body is all curves and nice to look at but men have bits that dangle And with the best will in the world a scrotum never looks nice. What do women or men see in mens bodies or are they just good at ignoring some things ?

Anonymous said...

Have never dated a younger man, sorry just remembered I have, but only 5 years younger, does that count. Think I will stick with the more mature man, well when I find him I will!
I tend not to look at mens bits, for me it's not what it looks like it's how well it performs!
Oh god, dreaming again, well it is nearly 11pm, well past my bedtime, who's going to be grumpy in the morning. Goodnight all, Gx