Sunday, May 22, 2005

just wanted to share this

This is directly quoted from and i thought it was worth posting

'last night at brixton we sold cd's after the show that were actually of the show.the wonders of modern technology, huh...i think that we'll be doing this at 5 or 6 of the shows on this european leg of the tour, although as an ignorant musician i don't actually know which shows.but i'll find out.really i will.and my percentage of the profits from these cd sales will go to the 'institute for music and neurologic function', which is an amazing music therapy organization with which i'm involved.

thanks, Moby.'

Also just a big shout out to the lovely people at Muller who have produced a Muller lite yoghurt which is apple pie flavoured with real apple and cake truly is heaven on a teaspoon...only 135 calories and fat free.

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