Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reverb made my ears bleed...

Fear....thats a wonderful all surmounting word, a word that has been the bane of my whole existence. I have decided that this word has always decided the path that my life has, love, home, all these lives intertwined with a 4 letter word. This could be quite a big year for me but at this very moment I am being held back by fear, the fear of not achieving the things that I want to achieve, the fear of moving on, the fear of leaving people and places behind. How do you overcome dear?...Yes you can tally negatives against positives, you can consult rhunes, you can go with your instincts but which one do I I have to make that decision or could i get someone to do it for me? I have people all around me spurring me on to achieve good things in life but my confidence is battling with the fear monster. I suppose I have always looked at myself as 'the guy who might have achieved something special' albeit in the entertainment field, the workplace field or the life skills field, God knows I've tried! In a couple of weeks I will know where fear is taking me next...join me on my travels...please wait and everything will unfold...

Lisa came round for dinner last night, I cooked a sort of chilli thing which was rather tasty and then we sat and chatted. Facts that I deemed from our conversation. 1. Lisa is a beautiful person inside and out. 2. Lisa deserves to be loved. 3. Lisa would rather die first than have any harm come to her family. 4. Lisa loves laughing 5. Lisa is intelligent 6. lisa would love to marry someone who has no hang ups or baggage. 7. Lisa works too much 8. Lisa loves indie rock as much as me. 9. Lisa has the mind of a cinematographer. 10. Lisa is fairly careful with finaces 11. Lisa has a thing about pink and fluffy. 11. Lisa would like to live out her life on the Kenyan plains feeding lion cubs for a living ...oh no, sorry that last bit was my dream!

A couple of tracks from Sarah's brand new album 'Symphony'...outstanding!

God bless Jeremy Beadle, even though he was a nasty and very rude man in person!

ciao x

Friday, January 25, 2008

Yazoo woo hoo!


BIG BIG NEWS of the day is that Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke are getting back together for one more small tour to 'finish off what they started'...Yazoo fans in the 80's (me being one of them) got to see them live on the 'Upstairs at Erics' tour but they had split by the time the second album appeared. Alison and Vince have both decided that they want to give the live treatment to that album just for their fans.
The tickets are around £45 pounds and go on sale on the 1st February (but being on the Alison Moyet mailing list means you can get them now). Yours truly will be sat in the 4th row for their Hammersmith Apollo London gig in June :)
So today I present to you...Yazoo tribute day...

happy Yazoo weekend everyone!

ciao xx

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The final frontier.....woo hoo!

Monday, January 21, 2008

'Women Behind Bars' special

ahh sweet memories of a friday night before 'Hitman and her', Bea, lizzie and the gang used to thrill me with their exploits in 'Prisoner', (I only mention this as I have just got my hands on every one of the 692 episodes ever made and will start to watch them imminently!)...I used to sit in awe as the big butch lesbians all fought and spat anger at each other. It was other worldly and not a part of Australian culture that I had seen when living there for 7 years as a child. I really can't remember my mum ever saying "stay away from big butch lesbian ladies wit tattoos" when we were trolling down the street on the way to the beach. 'Prisoner ' was a beautifully crap series with ham fisted acting, flimsy sets and horrible costumes...but it became an iconic gay was full of tragic women leading tragic lives in a tragic environment...what else could a good gay want?

...well there was always 'Within these walls' starring Dame Googie Withers as a governor with a heart in an English Womens prison..quite a bit more refined than the Australian counterpart. Out of interest 'Prisoner' was only created in Australia as the Aussies wanted something a bit more gritty than the English 'Within'. The prisoners were a lot nicer in the English version and were serving time for crimes not as decadent as the Australians...such as '3 months for making Damson jam out of season', '6 months for knitting scarves in summer weather' and the ultimate 'life for not laughing at Last of the Summer Wine'. In reality, having been into a womens prison, Holloway in fact, I can attest that it is one of the scariest places I have ever been soon as the first inside gate locked i was being ogled, wolf whistled at and attempted groping took place. It was not nice, damn those women behind bars and long live their fabricated stereotypes :)

ciao xx

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bless the flamboyant gentlemen!

Well that was interesting...someone just told me something which i cam't tell anyone else...but it involves the words Tom, Kristian, cock, heaven,! I am sure it will hit the papers when there is not enough news or when a certain someone runs out of money lol ;)

People have been mailing me in their millions to ask what the deal with the Gillian and David pictures is that i posted yesterday...well there is a new stand alone x files film coming out (nothing to do with alien abduction)and it started filming on December 10th, but it may just be a one off...i hope not, a nice occasional film would be good :)

(video is season 5 from scullys perspective with music by Lacuna Coil)

So whats happening in your world today? world is full of light banter, dinner with a close friend, conversations with my lover, thoughts about my mum and dad, rain and wet pavements, smells of wet dogs, wii acrion, Super Mario Galaxy, Lemon popsicle, episode 1 of Prisoner cell block H (691 to go), biscuits, chicken mayonnaise baguette, medication, work, dead people, goodbyes to a leaving friend, feeling fluffy, red wine, taxis....thats what my world is today!

I'll probably be back tomorrow if the feeling takes me :)

ciao xx

YoU THoughT i HaD GONe but i HAve OnlY juST Got goinG, sWEet sWEet meAt

oh sweet there nothing Boy George won't do?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I've got those deep space motherfucker blues...

It's been one of those days today, you know the ones, you feel lethargic, fed up, unloved, worthless and only finding solace with the worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle... it was one of those sort of days.

It started when I got called out to a client at 6.30am just as i was trying to have a shit (come to think of it I never went back to finish)and you know what it's like people to get disturbed mid turtle head push...anyway i raced down to the client to find that she wasn't ill at all and she just wanted to speak to her family..fuming i went back upstairs and it got worse from then on...I broke a favourite mug as i was quaffing my preferred breakfast beverage, I half fell down the stairs as i was going to work, i walked the corridors at work hoping something exciting might happen but it didn't...the day went by....i went up for a sandwich and got interrupted by contractors as soon as i took the first bite (not returning to aforementioned sandwich before it had curled enough to look like one of madonnas flick backs)...i went back to work and spent the afternoon listening to people moan about various things. That was it! life was monotonous for one whole day and i hated it...please God don't let it happen again. I don't want to become humdrum, i've never done anything bad enough to become humdrum...i want to sparkle and be the social butterfly that i deserve to be, I want to be rubbed up as I walk through party rooms, I want people to gasp when I appear in doorways....i don't want much do I?

This made me feel a bit happier :)

well it's Friday tomorrow but as I am working all weekend it really means fuck all so for those of you with days off and happy things planeed...fuck you, you bleeding heart liberals ;)

keep watching 'Damages' on Sunday's awesome :)

The 1st episode of Torchwood series 2 last night...fuck me it was good...i have no words to tell you how good it was...just watch the repeat or download it where you can...

ciao xx

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Please buy me one!

The big fool and the hairy chipmunk...

Well! fuck me with a flagpole and call me Daphne....there I was sat with my dead friends at work this evening when there was an almighty crash and a car near enough came flying through the bay window in the other office (well okay, it wasn't quite so dramatic but it sounded like it)I rushed outside to see a poor Peugot with it's little legs knocked out from under seems that a big old van had hit the stuck out wheel of the car and belted it's axel...the stupid thing is that he just drove off with about 5 different people taking down his number may well be a police visit for him this evening then!

Do you know I actually spoke to a friend of mine who didn't know what 'Cloverfield' is...thats like asking if Chanel make perfumes tee hee.

The pot is now no longer allowed to call the kettle black, it is allowed to say it is an ethnic kettle.

Oh good god has anyone seen that howler of a new soap called 'Echo Beach'...i thought programme making like that went out with 'Albion Market' or 'Eldorado' stinks to high heaven...and whats with the weird Jason Donovan accent that he's got and the very mumsy looking Martine (i sang in my fair lady on a couple of nights) McCutcheon. They ooze sex appeal about as much as a used lavatory brush....cleverly the writers have been able to say it's a spoof due to the 'Moving Wallpaper' programme before it (which is genuinely quite amusing)but ther premise of the actual soap is just a rehashed 'Home and Away' type storyline set in the surfers paradise of Cornwall...i know!, i pissed myself laughing too!

Jason as I like to remember him ;)

Wow!...watched the Golden Globe winner "There will be blood" last night...what an awesome film from Director PT Anderson (Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love). Daniel Day Lewis acts as if his life depends on it and the story is just superb...what a treat for the eyes, my first Piddy film hit of the year!

now go batton down the hatches , the big wind's a comin'

ciao x

Friday, January 11, 2008

Cloverfield 5 minute clip!...OMG!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton for President....

well thats what you will see me cheering on for the next few months...its what the USA needs, a coherent, intelligent woman to lead their country back from the brink of total lunacy which has been caused by the in bred half wit known as George dubbleya Bush. Hilary has it in her and I believe she will succeed...believe me folks, it really would be the right thing. Join me in the crusade :)

well xmas came and went, cool presents, lots of food and drink, illness death and pestulence but i think we came out the other end rather well...i don't think i want to spend any more xmases in England now though, i've had my fill...I'm and exotic person who needs to be somewhere exotic!

Radiohead Nude...a beautiful song from an ugly band ;)

Facebook - the violent option. Did you know that if you type in the web address you normally use for facebook and add a 1, 2 or 3 after the www bit you will get a hyper violent and obscene facebook which does different things like "piddy stuffs your balls down your throat" in Superpoke. You can buy and sell your friends into the east european sex market and get written reports on what happens to them in horribly graphic detail. Also one of the most fascinating things is that it lets peoples imaginations run riot and only recently "Piddy has fisted Ken Livingstone" "Piddy has made Davids rectum bleed" and " Piddy has fingered Lisa with a five knuckle shuffle" great is that!
Some of the applications are a bit tasteless though, such as the "Madeline piece by piece treasure hunt" "which sexual disease are you dying from" and "are you fucked up enough to live until your next birthday"...if that sounds like fun then give it a go, but please say i didn't warn you!

It's a great and beautiful it win oscars!