Friday, May 13, 2005

Rufus remembered...

A piece of musical heaven happened last night when the glorious and gorgeous Rufus Wainwright took to the stage at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Myself and the fabulous Lisa (robed in a beautiful new outfit) witnessed a moving and thrilling night as the magic unfolded before us.

He meandered onto the stage with his band through raucous cheering and proceeded to entertain, alternating between piano and guitar, with his voice scaling angelic heights in the acoustics of the Corn Exchange Building.

Rufus never left the stage in two and a half hours, delighting the crowd that anticipated his appearance. Of course he had his little 'set' pieces, the trilogy of songs written for mum, sister and dad respectively, he also has his tribute to Jeff Buckley and his 'folk' set as he put it.

Rufus was charming throughout the performance, using his camp wit to great effect but not coming over too much as the gay icon that he is starting to be. The highlight of the show had to be where Rufus stripped down to a sparkly blue jockstrap, stripey 'dorothy' knee socks and the red pointy shoes to perform a couple of songs off 'Want One'...resplendant with a sash that said 'Miss Cambridge'. Rufus CAN laugh at himself and that is why the Corn Exchange had a capacity crowd last night. His music is accessible on all levels, ranging from folk to classical, visiting raucous rock outs on the way through.

Just a quick word about his band, they were so so together and all having really good fun on stage which was noticeable as they all interacted with Rufus. Overall a fabulous night and one that will remain in the old memory blocks for a long long time. Once in a while, a musical excitement comes along...for now, that excitement is Rufus Wainwright.

I have put one photograph above this blog but you will be able to see more pictures at later on today. If you need an invite to this site, please let me know.



mcaretaker said...

Good review, the other photo's are well worth a look. treat youself to a flickr account it's free.

Anonymous said...

sounds like quite a good show
must catch him next time around

Anonymous said...

all I can say is that I had the most amazing time and thank you Neil XXXXXXXX

Lisa xx