Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Gina's Gymnastics!

Hi Folks...it was meant to be Lisa here today but unfortunately she has not made the deadline again...so here we are with an early blog from Gina for you and hopefully we will have Lisa's for tomorrow...take it away Gina...

Confessions of a Shopper!

After the giblet session last week, I am pleased to report I am feeling more like the old me! Yippee!! That's one of the best things about this site, you can off load or just share trivia with people, often when it's serious I think we make constructive honest comments, and for me this really helps, so can I just thank everyone who gave me loads of support, help, and love, on and off the blog, it's great to have such terrific friends.

That's the serious stuff dealt with, here's the trivia:-

To date on the blog we have spoken about loads of different subjects , sex, birthdays, sex, exercise machines, sex, autobiography's, lounge pants, relationships and loads of other stuff. Today I would like to talk about supermarket value labels!(Oh bugger I hear you shout, she really has lost the plot!)

Value labels? It's not a subject I know much about as I have to confess to never buying them. I do find I tend to judge people at the check-outs who have a trolley full of those white and blue items, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Well, if you're a dry cider drinker, hop, skip and jump to your nearest Tesco and purchase their value cider, it is fab. Don't be put off by the fact it looks like someone's over enthusiastic urine sample, which is due to it being in a slightly discoloured plastic bottle, it's light, dry and scrummie!

So, am I now a reformed character? Will you see my trying these cheap alternatives? Or will snobbery prevent me from becoming a value shopper?


Anonymous said...

I am a cider drinker I drinks it all of the day ooh arr ooh arr ay, ooh arr ooh arr ay.
you know theres nothing like a cheap drink that is yummy.

Anonymous said...

well i better get down to tescos and try this out - i must confess that i have been known to buy value goods - especially in my job and getting all my clients to budget on there meagre money its amazing how many value items you can buy for £50 the last time i managed 112 items! lets just say my clients were impressed lol

Lisa xx

mcaretaker said...

So with all these value products in Lisa's basket she should be able to bring a few quid to the pub once in a while.lol Sorry could not resist. We buy value all the time why pay more for basic items. Its called inverted snobbery the same happens with Tesco jeans and underwear, its a hot topic in retail circles at the momment.Sorry stupid comment Gina does not wear undies she prefers to go comando. See last weeks entry on Jog pants she admits it herself.

Anonymous said...

oooohhhh is it have a go at Lisa night because i was late getting my blog to Neil - i did apologise to Neil honest oh well i have large shoulders (ok generally rotund in all areas before any comments are made) i have other things on my mind at the moment as i am sure some are aware