Saturday, May 31, 2008

Osmondmania Pt 2

Hoopla ho de ri!.....last night I was transported back to my youth as we visited Wembley Arena to see The Osmonds...all 7 of them together on one stage for the last time ever in England.

We got there to the newly beautifully transformed Arena complex and went inside where the first thing that struck you was that you could cut the oestrogen in the atmosphere with a was a scary concept 90 percent women and 10 percent men! At 8pm on the 30th May the lights dimmed and the audio visual spectacular began.

All seven took to the stage and the audience didn't know who to get excited about first...Donny, of course, got the biggest screams whereas Marie had some very manly whoops from the few men and assorted Lesbians. Jimmy faired well with his share of applause and Alan, who suffers very badly with MS, got a terrific reception as he waved his stick in appreciation. They covered a few hits, harmonising beautifully as they went. Then the stage was left to Marie who sand a few songs and had fun with one of the male members of the audience who she invited up on stage with her to sing 'Crazy' (picture one of the worst auditions for 'Britains got talent' and you would get the drift!) but it was very funny and entertaining, Marie belied her years and looked and sounded magnificent.

Country diva :)

The brothers returned to do a few more and a fantastic medley from 'The Plan' (possibly their finest album). The visuals on the huge back screens were magnificent and really added to the whole concept of the show which was beautifully put together by Jimmy.
After the interval it was some more all together stuff and then it was Donny's turn...the crowd went wild, some fainted, some made themselves moist and some just relived their youth whilst he launched into 'twelth of never' and 'puppy love' which, for me, was a very erotically charged moment.

Marie bounded back on so that they could do their Donny and Marie set...then it was Jimmy and his 'long haired lover' piece.

Finally all the family got together on stage to complete a magnificent performance that will never be seen again.
It was 3 hours of madness, but complete utterly adorable madness being part of the Osmond Family for just that short while.
God speed you lovely people

Friday, May 30, 2008

Osmondmania Pt 1

Woo to see ALL The Osmonds tonight at Wembley it sad to be too excited?....full report tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lets talk about Roadkill!...

well recently we have had lots of talk about Roadkill and what you can do with stuff it, cook it, use it as doorstops etc you can entertain your family with it!

The wonderful company 'Roadkill Toys' have produced the second in a series of Roadkill teddies for the warped and heartless amongst us...first of all there was 'Twitch' a Raccoon who was run over by a chevvy and now they present 'Grind' who according to my limited edition hand written label was run over by a local bus.see photo.

'Grind' The Rabbit. Image copyright 'Roadkill Toys'

These collectors pieces are beautifully made and each one comes with it's own personal plastic (see through and zippered) body bag and it's own handwritten body bag tag (limited to the first 1000 pieces). On Twitch and Grind there is also zipper so you can safely tuck and zip away those messily spilled innerds. A complete package lovingly designed by the team at 'Roadkill Toys'. I hasten you to look at their website which is where I am sure you will find all the info that you require (except a photo of the creator and team, as I am told that they are all so beautiful that people would not buy their products through jealousy!)
Enjoy your roadkill!

Ciao x

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scientology is a CULT!

Unbelievably today in London a young man under 18 was in court for protesting outside the Scientology Centre in London (back last year) whilst holding a banner which said 'Scientology is a cult', at the time a police woman asked the young chap to take it down as the word cult was causing offence to the people that they were protesting about! He refused and was arrested. How unbelievable that The Metropolitan police can waste time on a young guy expressing freedom of speech whilst the hierarchy within Scientology UK are shafting each other senseless and rubbing wads of money all over each other for pretending to teach simple minded followers about a non existent alien who was made up by a senile old wanker named L Ron Hubbard. What is it about the leaders of Scientology that make them so it the fact that they greased the palms of many a high ranking police officer over the past few years? will we ever find out? no, because Scientology is a well oiled money making machine that keeps people quiet by making them believe that they need 'fixing' because at the present time they are not as worthy as everybody else on the planet. Scientology is evil and needs to be stopped...what are we going to do about it?

On a lighter note.....3 Divas, 3 Albums, there will be only 1 winner......

Yes, exciting news folks, an amazing thing has happened Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Donna Summer have all released albums at the same time...

Cyndi - Bring ya to the Brink

Possibly one of the best dance albums you will ever hear...Cyndi has decided to trust some of the best dance producers on the planet to come up with an album that is full of love, hope and dancin! She is still a great songwriter and singist and this album will just blow you away. It is a great return...

12" remix of 'same old fucking story!'

Madonna - Hard Candy

An album full of unmemorable bleeps catering to the masses but extremely throw away.

'Give it to me' Mimed especially live for Radio 1's Big Weekend

Donna Summer - Crayons

Aw, this album is really good...Donna's voice has taken on a little smokey quality which is adhering to listen to. The album is full of good song writing and has one of her best ballads on it for years 'Be Myself Again'

A buffet selection of the album tracks.

Obviously commercially the winner will be Madonna but I am giving a joint 1st prize to Cyndi and Donna, the unsung queens of gayness and glitter who have worked so hard on crafting their songs for the new albums...whereas Madonna probably paid a person to sit and listen to it for her after she had finished it...

Ciao x

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bloody Cancer!....

Well Mum goes in for her operation on July 1st and they are going to do a lumpectomy with intensive radiotherapy treatment afterwards for 3 weeks. I was talking to a friend today and she had gone through the same thing 17 years ago and was there is an 87% success rate of ridding all of the cancer so things are looking quite positive...I know things are going to be fine :)

Madonna Madonna Madonna...thats all we have been hearing for the last week after her stint at The Radio 1 Big Weekend..mind you I thought the set was terrific, staging and all...I did spot a couple of miming moments, especially on the new single but it did have quite a frantically coreographed routine so I might let her off that one..

Definitely mimed but spellbinding!

I have the hots for james's official! (mike if you are reading this I would never run away with him! lol) Over the weeks I fell for his lovely chubby cheeks as he appeared semi naked in Gavin and Stacy and he is so talented as a writer, actor and all round bon viveur!

James Corden and Matthew Horne on Radio 1

It's been a bit quiet on the film front at the moment, there is nothing that takes my fancy so I think I will have to search farther afield and watch a film called 'xxy' from's about a hermaphrodite coming to terms in an opressive world...sounds like a bundle of laughs doesn't it!

all for now

ciao x

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Scarlett Johansson - Anywhere I Lay My Head

What a bloody awesome album.....okay , to put it bluntly scarlett is not a great singer but over one album she has created a magical tribute to the songwriting of Tom Waits (except for one track written by herself).
Uncle David Bowie does a bit of backing on a couple of tracks and Tom appears on just one as far as I can hear after a couple of listens.
If you visualise a sort of mellow Nick Caves feel, then that is what the album is like...some great tunes and I don't know why but it just works really well.
I really hope people will give this a chance because for me it has turned out to be one of those exciting little gems that turns up occasionally.
Go Scarlett!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

sometimes it snows in April...

...but not in May, because the sun is out and everything is fabulous!

I went away for the weekend with Mike and we had quite a groovy time apart from me having a head injury (well a slight bang and a mark!)...and no i did not bash it on the headboard of the bed tsk tsk was actually in an ice cream shop if you must know...very small people these Mablethorpians. We stayed in a nice hotel overlooking a golf course in Grimsby, from there we travelled out to Lincoln, Hull (via the humber bridge) Mablethorpe, Cleethorpes, Saltfleet and Donna Nook. It was nice seeing part of the country that I have not been to before...Mablethorpe was nice and quaintly old fashioned with small donkeys on the beach, mum and dads sitting on stone sandy covered steps eating large ice creams...the sound of the carousel and the bleep bing bing of the amusement arcades. I must admit though I was not quite prepared for the amount of bling that I would see in Mablethorpe, it was like the audience of the Jeremy Kyle show had exploded and metamorphised into seaside travellers.

It was a pretty exhausting weekend especially as a certain person does tend to snore for hours on end...I love him immensely but wish I could stuff a couple of teddy bears up his nostrils so as to get some rest ;)
Lisa (you know , my bestest friend) and her lover (Sir Chris, knight in shining armour) have the same problem but have worked out the same idea as home we now have a lovin' room and a sleepy time room, so either I run away when he falls asleep or Mike decamps when the time is right! Back together first thing in the morning and everyone is happy:)

I had some bad news on Tuesday, my mum found out that she has breast cancer. It is operable and they are taking her into hospital on the 1st June to do a lumpectomy on the breast followed by an intensive course of Radiotherapy. To be honest I think I freaked out more than my mum did because when she told me it just bought all the horrible flashbacks of the stuff that I went through a couple of years ago with my own bout of cancer. I really wish my mum a speedy recovery and send my love to her across cyberspace. x

Film of the Week

The Orphanage is now on DVD and it's a terrific ghost story that hits just the right's beautifully filmed and has a very satisfying storyline...don't watch it alone though!

Top Tuuuuuuuuuune

Macy Gray - I try
This was mine and lisas's song from our first trip to Egypt and I was so happy when Macy announced a new tour so I could treat Lisa to a ticket for her we are off to Indigo2 at o2 arena on July 31st for an evening of Macy Gray goodness...can't wait :)

ciao x

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Friday, May 02, 2008

a small retreat...

hi folks...just off to do some photography on the Humber estuary for the bank holiday weekend...will be back soon with more mirth, sexiness and frivolity :)

ciao x