Monday, May 16, 2005

Piddy's Pickings

well...another week of holiday begins, and another week of bad weather begins! Just bloody typical...and it's 11.29 am and Glaser has just managed to buy the rest of the shares to take control of Manchester United..ha ha bloody ha!..that'll teach the smug overpaid bastards!

What do i want to tell you today...I want to tell you that I am getting dead excited about seeing Moby on Thursday and spending the day with Lisa, Steve and Jean Claude...should be a rollicking fun day.

Now singing along with Akro...lonely, i'm mr lonely, i have nobody of my own....listening to Jo whiley on radio 1, she has just sent an email thanking me for her Rufus photos, so i thought i had better listen to her radio show!

The exercise regime is ongoing and I am gliding like a goodun...managed to do over a mile in just over 10 minutes so my striding is definitely getting wider....soon to have buns of steel!

Have to work this afternoon, must make a mental note to stop volunteering so enthusiastically...its just that i find it really enjoyable so i find it hard to refuse!, and thats where the problem is lol

Steve and Matt have both got new pictures on and are well worth a visit, if you haven't got an invite to get into the site just drop me a line and let me know...

I had an email from a guy I was chatting to on the web and he lives in Bournemouth with his partner. He sent me an email saying that his partner was going away in June and would i like to go down to Bournemouth and make love to him...who the fucking hell does he think i am...I was pretty disgusted at this and sent him a message saying so...i probably won't hear from him again! lol

Oh well, we have a good lot of blogs from all the gang this week...Lisa, Gina, Matt and Steve are all ready to entertain you so keep those eyes peeled on the blog..

Peace and out!


mcaretaker said...

Ah buns of steel, (See what women want with Mel Gibson).Thought you would be up for a bit of shagging. Never had you down as taking the moral high

Anonymous said...

How was work? As you can see I am still up, well I have been to sleep, then my sis phoned and I can't seem to go off again, so here I am!
Big date on Thursday, you know I will want to hear every detail, hope it goes well.
Fuck Bournemouth, what sort of a message does that send out to people, stupid tosser, hope he get everything he deserves. Gx

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so pleased that you did not take that guy up on the offer what an axxxhole! lol

Lets hope Man U get into so much debt they have to sell all their players and then get relegated oh a dream come true!

Anonymous said...

Was the above comment from you, Lisa? Are you hoping they have to sell their players before the big match? Gx

mcaretaker said...

O M G I seem to have sliped into a parallel universe where women talk about football Ahhhhhhhh. Football should be banned Its full of overpriced Madonas who ponce about trying to justify there huge saleries.

Anonymous said...

Lol i loved the comment Matt it made me laugh yes it was me who made the comment about Man Utd i did sign it but then i was having a job trying to get my comment on here last night it took me to many attempts so forgot to sign the last one!

Anonymous said...

oops amd i for got to sign it again lol

Loopy Lisa xxxxxxx