Monday, April 23, 2007

Release the Stars....

Hello Auntie Jemima is going to tell you how to make a real life space rocket that will fly as far as Charles Atlas will make you strong, out of 20 rothmans, two used johnnies and a pair of those rubber chicken fillets that your mum uses to push her saggy northern tits up with...shall we begin?

howdy all...hope you are okay...after my little sojourn with extended family in the lake district I'm back and I'm now a mean green motherfucker from hell...well not quite but I am getting back into the swing of my raw and live diet...slowly...which went right off the rails when confronted with the pie shop in Morrissons on holiday. Real scotch pies and peppered steak pasties...stop it...stop it right now...back to raw food!

I managed to bag two tickets to the Live Earth gig happening at wembley stadium on the 7th July, one of the tickets is currently doing well in Auction and am now looking forward to that....went to see Within Temptation, loved the gig but Lisa didn't like the Astoria and sounded like our mum all evening ;) was a seedy dark dive which was overpacked and sweaty...just the right atmosphere!

Have seen some great films recently, 'Sunshine' directed by Danny Boyle is magnificent and very moving, 'The Curse of the Golden Flower' from China is probably one of the best films I will ever's unwritable how awesome the film is...go see :)

I have been toying with some new writing ideas, one is a kiddies book about an epileptic sheepdog and the other idea is based on a screenplay treatment that I came up with a few years back which deals with a poor polish girl in her quest for western oral hygiene...the tentative name of the book is 'A toothbrush for Anna' which also happened to be the name of the near film. It's funny how ideas come back to bite you when you are not keep up with the blog and you will see some extracts shortly...'Anna' starts ..."Annas mothered stared at the pigs feet that she had been stirring in the pot for three days, the taste of her motherly sweat entwined with sweet taste of pork would bear magnificence when placed on the paupers table at Anna's birthday banquet..." and so on ...

Sorry about the erratic life of the blog but as I explained before I don't want to give myself deadlines even though I know there are people desperate for a piece of my action!

I need a boyfriend, partner, lover, squeeze...whatever you want to call it, but i need a person with a cock right now...I'm special and I deserve to be in love...somebody help me out for fucks sake!

Just before I go for today...the new Rufus Wainwright album is out...YAY!'s time for another use of the word magnificent, as it is just that...executive produced (very filmic) by Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boy), the album takes you into Rufus World and tangles you around his tongue until he spits out the last words of the final song and you with it...phew.

By the way, the pic at the top was taken by my bestest friend :)

somebody pass me some sugar puffs.............................