Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lisa's Lounge pant tribute...

Heres Lisa...I know it doesn't actually mention lounge pants but they haven't been mentioned for a while so it was a bit of gratuitous lounge panting...

Another Week – Another Blog

I can’t believe another week has gone flying by and I am writing another note on the blog – so I thought I would tell you about my bank holiday weekend……………..

It started well on Friday with a fantastic night in the Wellie I arrived later than normal due to work commitments with the expectation of meeting Neil and Steve but was pleasantly surprised to see Martin, Lynne and Gina also there. I was waiting at the bar getting a round in (a round I hear you all cry – yes a round lol) when I was tapped on the arm by none other than Lyn who had popped in to say hello with her husband Bob. It was a really good night and conversation was both stimulating and raucous too. I saw text messages that would make a grown man blush (thanks Martin lol) but that’s another story!

Saturday Night well the least said about it the better but I just want to thank Gina for all her help x

I had a lovely Sunday though spent the morning in bed watching the Grand Prix its so nice to see other drivers win it did get a bit monotonous with Schumacher winning all the time I haven’t really got a favourite team but like to see the English guys doing well but felt sorry for David Coulthard when he had to do the drive through penalty when he was in a podium position, it would be nice for him to get something its been a while. Anyway I had a lovely text from Neil inviting me round for the evening, I couldn’t resist and what a lovely evening I had Neil had some of his 45 singles out and was playing singles I had not heard for eons, it was great to sit back and reminisce and every few songs Neil shouting joyfully as he finds a set list written by Danielle Dax and a postcard from Frank Sidebottom but the thing that got me was and I know the majority of you will nod your head and agree when you were in your teens writing your name on the sleeve of the single it did make me smile as there on a record sleeve in Neil’s bestest hand writing when he was in his teens was his name and I have to say his writing hasn’t changed much really still messy and scrawly! (I actually wrote those when i was about 9 or 10!) But it was fun every once in a while Neil telling me that this single is worth a fortune because it was the first single by this band or the last single or on one label before they moved, it was fascinating listening to Neil he is very knowledgeable about music.(Oh stop all this feint praise, I'm embarrassed now! lol) I have to say some of the singles hadn’t dated at all but others were tinny and hardly punkish at all but in their day well that’s another story. It was great to hear X-ray Spex – Germ Free Adolescent who can remember other classics from this one album band including `oh bondage up yours…` having listened to them now they hardly seem punkish at all. It was great to reminisce.
Then its back to reality when Big Brother comes on C4 well this looks like it could be a good one this year although the jury is still out. There are some great over the top characters in there and I can see why they were possibly chosen but cant say I have got a fav at the moment but Lesley the least said the better!

I just have one more thing to say about Sunday Night I am surprised Neil did not have the worst hangover on Monday he had some Italian wine that a friend had given to him, it was the biggest bottle I had ever seen and Neil had managed to drink a good three quarters of it on his own! (It's a 5 litre bottle a friend bought me back from Italy and I drank about a litre of it!) I would have been comatosed lol.

Monday was a nice day I had to work the night shift but up until then I had a good day I had a bit of a life laundry and decided to go through cupboards and drawers and getting rid of junk basically, it was very hard to do as every time I put something in the box to send to the Charity box I had to remove 5 minutes later `just in case` I might need it –(I mean I didn’t need it for the bloody year it had been in the cupboard) lol oh well maybe next year it will stay in the box

Oh well I think I may have bored you enough to stop



Anonymous said...

yep i have to agree with you lisa,the pub was good especially niel and i's tribute to the moby concert.
other great punkish bands of the time i can think of are "the anti nowhere league", "plastic bertrand"
and the "horrorcomics"

mcaretaker said...

There is something realy nice about a bank holiday weekend.I know it's only 24 hours longer but it makes all the diffrence.