Thursday, November 30, 2006

Unrequited love...

I know you'll never love me and this is why I cry

I'll never feel your hand in mine or hear you softly sigh

I know you'll never miss me or notice that I've gone

To me you are somebody, to you I am no one.

I know you'll never cry for me the way I cry for you

I know you'll never want me so what can I do?

I know you'll never think of me, I'll never cross your mind

You'll never waste a thought on me, I'll always find the time.

I know you'll never look for me the way I look for you

Each face I see is different, each man I see is you.

I know you'll never lose your heart the way that I lost mine

They say that time's a healer, to me there is no time.

I know you'll never love me and this is why I cry

Although my body's living my heart is bound to die.

I know you'll never love me.

wyla's worry..

Wyla twittered and hopped around nervously as daemons always do in times of stress and disconcertment..piddy stroked her fondly and told her everything would be fine. He realised now that he would have to follow the prophecy that was given to him and try to evolve to the new lifeform that was promised when humans bounced their energies back and forth to each other...if this meant living a life of solitude for the time being, then so be it....the quest had begun. Piddy knew what he had to do, he closed his eyes and thought of good times when there were people that looked to him for enlightenment and spiritual guidance, his instincts should have told him which way to proceed but his mind was muddled because of the mixed messages that his emotions had caused. Piddy was lonely, he had so much to offer someone and yet he was blind to who that person would be. Wyla cried softly and sat at piddys shoulder like every good daemon should do. Piddy tried to clear his mind but nothing happened...maybe tomorrow he thought....

Monday, November 27, 2006

Madonna - Live Confessions

Woo Hoo!...what a great show on Channel 4 last night, beautifully filmed and edited and a real peak performance. Lisa and I were texting and talking like mad between ad breaks. Lisa called Madge a cow for being so fit at fifty, all I could muster was the suprise that she didn't have a flabby minge when prancing around in her leotard :)
It was great to see the crucifixion scene in full as they edited it out when showing it to our american cousins (yah boo sucks ! and all that)

Just a quick update since we last met, I'm now holding a part time job as well at a Funeral Directors as a chapel attendant, it's a nice job and it's a very positive thing seeing people get closure with their loved ones :)

Still single...another lonely christmas :(

Saturday, November 25, 2006


...and suddenly out of a very dark place a chink of light appeared and piddy once more walked into the bright air, blinking his eyes he looked around him and saw the bluest of skies and the friendliest of people. With his daemon wyla at his side he was ready to face the world once again, knowing that whatever happened previously was all a big dream. He shook his head, smiled a little smile and prepared to write the words that would save his life...

to be continued...