Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lisa's Lickings

Hi there can I just get this off my chest first I would like to thank Arsenal for taking the smug smile off Manchester Utd`s face on Saturday in the F A Cup. We played a crap game didn’t deserve to win but did lol – I have to agree with the chap in the paper earlier in the week who said Red is a winning colour it certainly was that day! Well that’s my football head taken care of.

Anyway I am going to cause a bone of contention here and talk about the differences between most men and women when it comes to being ill (I know I can hear all the woman nod and agree with me)

Why is it that when a man is ill they die they take to there beds or stay at home and feel sorry for themselves and have to tell the world and his wife about how ill they are.

Yet when a woman is ill they cant be as ill as a man and they should stop moaning about being ill and get on with it. I mean you wouldn’t hear a man complain about being ill would you!

I say this as someone who felt ill over the weekend and ok I live alone (bliss sometimes lol) and I did see some of my family and spoke to some friends over the weekend but did they phone to see if I needed a food parcel, shopping, paracetomols, bath running, cough mixture, washing or ironing done or to check if I was still alive!! No I have had to get on with it. Now if I had been a man do you think I would have been offered any of the above? I will wait for the blogmasters comments here ……………..
I will let you answer that one lol

Well that’s my gripe over short but sweets have fun and chat again soon

Lisa xx


Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa, what have you started?
Us girls don't get the things that the boys get! We get a cold, they have flu, we have a sore throat, they have tonsilitis and so on.
Hope your feeling better now, silly me, it was only a minor ailment, I bet the boys are wondering why you took to your bed!
On that subject, and this is only in my very limited experience(lol) the boys still have the energy to shag, that's why they take to their beds in the hope we will join them!
Let's now sit back and wait for the flood of comments. Gx

Anonymous said...

actually lisa some of us men do other things when ill like, getting on a train, travel to london, eat pizza, feel like puking all day,only get halfway down a pint{bugger}nearly pass out queuing for moby, then rock out for two hours in the concert,travel back to home on the train, get into bed at 02:00am, get up at06:30am then work all day.
i hope this keeps me off the whinging man list......steve

mcaretaker said...

Ok Lisa I'm going to say one word to you "Maureen"there said it.Its the only thing that needs be mentioned when women get on there high horse about how they never get ill, take time off etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi all thanks for the comments - I did say some men lol not all Steve you were an exception

Matt on the subject of the one female you could name she is the exception to the rule lol
Lisa xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve
I would not put you on the whinging man list, but how often to you tell and show your cricketing injuries? Gx

Anonymous said...

well my cricketing injuries are quite spectacular and i like to show them off.