Friday, May 01, 2009

the ballad of lucy jordan

I couldn't ind the latest live version but here is the magical version form the Broken English film...enjoy!

I said a hip hop a hippy ...

well bloody hell, it's only been 17 days (good prince song that!) and I am now obsessed with Tweeting and's so easy to get sucked into reading little scentences and sitting there thinking..but i want to know more! you wait for the persons next tweet and bugger me it's a different subject all together..but i adore it..I tweet with Moby, fearne cotton, philip schofield, ashton kutcher and Demi, stephen fry and even normal people too like jane Fonda! I have learned lots about Trancendental meditation from David Lynch, kabballah from Ashton Kutcher etc etc...Jonathan Ross is a great tweeter and I find it fascinating when he goes to walk the dogs and tells us what the lovely Jane is eating!...please join twitter and follow me :)
I was watching Marianne Faithfull the other night on the BBC Sessions and I thought..bless her..she was very alluring for an old bird but she was what if she read lyrics off a music stand and missed a few notes, the woman is a semi legend...I wasn't quite sure of the arrangement for 'The ballad of Lucy Jordan' but it was okay and lovely to see her performing it...these BBC sessions are brilliantly done, especially if you are watching on the HD channel...I'm sure I could even see the booze permeating from Ms Faithfulls pores ...oh joy!
OOh must go , my 'Tweetdeck' is tweeting at me!!