Sunday, January 28, 2007

14 nicotine free days by the way :)

Tears before bedtime

to have something that you have worked on admired by people that you love has a sometimes profound effect on a persons emotions...heres the rub...

Last night we went out on Lisas dads 65th birthday (Happy Birthday!) to a restaurant in St Neots, after the meal we quickly went back to Pip and Steves house so that the family members could give 'dad' their was then that Pip asked me if I had seen the photo yet..I quizically looked at her..Steve then walked into the room with a two foot square canvas which when turned round showed the black and white picture of their son Ethan that I took at xmas (see below)...words can't describe how I felt, I burst into tears, it was really moving for me to think that someone chose something that I had created to be a showpiece in their home. I just feel so honoured and totally ecstatic that I could have pleased the family so much with one photo...they have asked me to do some more now so I already have a few ideas in mind :)


To feel wanted is great, but to feel loved is just the best of all....

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sunday, January 21, 2007

smoke free zone

hey hey hey boys and girls...I am just celebrating my 7th day free of Nicotine...I decided to go cold turkey (again!) last weekend and suffered the usual cold sweats, hallucinations during the night and inconceivable hunger...but I'm through, no patches or witchdoctor shit for me...I made it through the rain (so Barry Manilow says).

Is it me or is America becoming even more puritanical day by day, have just watched a documentary called 'jesus camp' which was a very disturbing portrayal of middle class american kids being sent off to summer camp to become the next Billy Graham, enforced bible teaching..hmmm...I also sat down to watch a film called 'A night with the King', now i thought this was going to be a pervy sex film about Elvis...but's about bloody jesus was quite a nice film though about Esther from the bible who went on to become a great leader, it's always good to watch a biblical romp now and then.(I think I might just have saved myself from arguments with proper christians by adding the last sentence)

Not much happening on the music front this year so far...still waiting for the first good album of the year although the Norah Jones one is quite sweet..thats all though, sweet but nothing really different...I want something to be released that will grab me by my hairy ball sack, throw me round the living room a couple of times and leave me spent and weeping in the corner of the wall...I am expecting this from the new Kylie album of course....

ta ta

Monday, January 15, 2007

It's Oscar Time!

Hi all...the Oscar season is well under way and there are some fantastic films and performances to be considered this prediction is that 'The Departed' or 'Babel' will get best film (both of them mighty fine films) although I am hoping that 'Dreamgirls' gets a look in...I sat down to watch this with Lisa the other night and it is just magnificent. The performances by Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy are absolutely spot on with Jennifer Hudsons version of 'I am telling you' being the highlight of the film.
I hope that the best actress award goes to Helen Mirren for 'The Queen', as for best actor I'm not sure but I think Matt Damon or Brad Pitt might get a look in.

Talking of Dreamgirls you have to watch the clip below, Jake Guylenhaal performs a tribute on Saturday Night Live and it's terrific!

In the real world as the backlash against Tony Blair and the labour government continues we all wonder what we will end up with next...more fascistic policies from the Conservative party or a sitting on the fence party where nothing gets done with the liberal democrats in this space. What this country needs is 'real people' in Government, not priveleged people from unreal backgrounds who studied politics at university and think they know what is best for all of us. Until we get this sorted out the United Kingdom will remain a 'second best' country which every other world government turns to for support whenever a crisis appears. The government then waves its hands going 'choose us choose us' like some sort of fucking popularity contest and we end up spending shit loads of money that we as a country haven't got. I think it's time the politicians of this country look to their own doorstep to try and revive industry and actually create a sustainable community off our own backs. Is it any wonder that people emigrate to Australia, America and Canada for much better priced living conditions and a safer living environment. Sort it out!...rant over!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Olfactorial Raving...

well that had to be my highlight of the tv year, although the Captain Jack / Ianto kiss was just as hot in the last very romantic indeed..great song too (off myspace)

hope you are all aware that it's 'fondle your friends' weekend...I am sure that this is something that the americans have yet again dreamed up but it was in the paper the other day..the theory is that all friends fondle each other so those that don't have partners don't feel left out and we all have one friend don't we?...can't wait!

for those of you into tacky things, 'Borders' through amazon are now selling the 6 disc '20th anniversary Oprah show' dvd collection for £17.99, what a bargain, and it's magnificent it has all the cringey bits that make you cry and all the stars you could shake a stick at...18.5 hours of Oprah goodness, why hasn't this woman been canonised yet...I can see it in 20 years time, the tomb of St. very cool indeed.

We had a meeting about recycling today so I have now come home and decided to pooh into plastic bags so that it can be used again for something useful, but i don't know what yet..Mum, I'm not being serious here, just in case you though I had completely cracked!

I want to try and take some more portrait pictures so if anyone would like to volunteer...all i ask is travelling expenses and I will take as many pics as you want..anything goes!

The bottle of wine is ready and celebrity big brother is calling ( I would like to see Donny's nadgers please Mr Tv producer) woo hoo!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year, Same Shit!

Hi all...happy new year and all that bollocks....just thought i'd drop a quick note to let you all know that I'm still alive!

Christmas was as Christmas is, full of fun and good cheer...I didn't see a single live person on xmas day though...I woke up, pottered around, had a glass of port, cooked lunch, went off to work at the undertakers, went home, couple of glasses of wine, bed...and didn't see a sole! Boxing day made up for that though when I was thrown into the throng of Lisas family xmas get together, kids were in full flow and ate too much beautiful food..a great day but Lisa and I were worn out by about 8pm so made our excuses and left...thank you Pip and Steve for a lovely xmas :) You can see some pics on my Flickr site, especially pleased with the black and white portrait of Ethan :)

So excited...David Lynch's new film is almost here...

It looks wild and fascinating, more of the Mullholland Drive vibe going on...the first film that DL has made in Digital Video...salivating and anxious to see it..

Watched Mel Gibson's 'Apocolypta' the other afternoon, fuck me it's fantastic...if you can put up with subtitles the film is just magnificent. Completely filmed in The Mayan language it shows events just before the end of the Mayan civilization...Gibson has done a terrific job..quick warning, it's very very brutal but not unnecessarily so.

I have some plans for some writings which will be coming up in the new keep tuned in!

If you want a camp laugh then play the 'Desperate Housewives' PC get to be a new housewife on Wysteria Lane and try to uncover the secrets of the neighbourhood...what is clever is that the story is decided by what questions you ask or the way in which you speak to people so there are many different paths you can's hours of fun gameplay.

all for now...meep meep!