Monday, April 28, 2008

Australia TV Special!

Today I am launching a fanfare for Australian TV...not only does it have a fantastic film industry but it has also started to create some top notch drama...


What a fucking hard and great series this is...Melbourne mobsters, loose women, bent cops...but the best bit is that it's all based on fact. In fact when they were showing this in Australia it was banned in some states as the trials of the people portrayed were still going on!
The characters are well written and the actors come from the cream of Australias crop. Les Hill, who used to play the lovely Blake in Home and Away, shows off all his talents and his hard man image :) Also Rodger Corser plays the very enigmatic policeman working his way from uniformed cop to detective. The violence is graphic but integral to the plot. Overall it is an extremely well written and produced if only British TV would buy it!...never mind, all the episodes are available for download at your local edonkey stop!

Now for the latest Australian soap "Out of the Blue" which started on the BBC this afternoon...the first two episodes were quite promising and it looked to be a series which has had a bit of money thrown at it...the premise is that a group of twenty somethings go back to a Sydney resort area for a reunion, and all the drama starts from there including death, deception, hot lust and seaside...well as 'hot' as you can get at 2.15pm on a should have all the housewives creating static whilst enjoying it in their nylon overcoats wishing for a better life before the kids come home and the beery slob gets home from work...luckily I am on holiday this week so I will see how the first episodes pan out and let you know...

Most listened to song of my moment

Anna Ternheim...I know it's getting on a bit in age but i love her and I think that this deserves another airing.

Ciao x

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

...and as if by magic, summer arrived...

...well it arrived for at least one has been glorious, the back door is open, the smell of barbecues fills the air...the expensive waft of my 'Comme des garcons" fragrance plays merrily with the sunlit engorged air and I sit here feeling quite joyous and frivolous.

What have you been up to then?

As I have probably said I have been extolling the wonders of the lovely Delia Smith's book called 'How to Cheat' that book there is a lovely recipe for cottage pie and shepherds pie...well I have found a veggie alternative...instead of the tin of minced lamb or minced beef you can add a tin of 'Stag' (important that it is that brand) vegetable garden chilli to the recipe...mixed with the Aunt Bessies mash and gruyere topping it works really well and is just as magnificently tasty as the carniverous alternative.

The link above takes you to the video of 'Time to Pretend' by MGMT (Not available for hiis!)which is a stunning song that I only came across from watching 'Skins' ....the album is bloody magnificent! This is definitely on my list for the best of 2008 so far. Another great album is by the 'Last shadow puppets' who did a magnificent turn on the Jools Holland show the other night...The arttic monkeys man showed great maturity in the writing of these songs and the album has track after track ofr spaghetti western/ Lee hazelwood really is an album that eveyone should have.

I saw this film yesterday and it is a great example of excellent british movie making, it's a beautiful coming of age story about friendship, guns, girls and Rambo! The film is funny, extremely well acted and the period pieces are just about spot on...if you want a really feelgood night out then I can't do any more than to urge you to see this the way I was shedding a tear or two by the end, just to warn all of you sensitive leos out there!

Mike....I love you :)

Ciao x

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bust a nut to the aussiebums jock...

Tonight my friends I am accusing Nintendo Corp of creating panic buying and inflated pricing (allegedly) you know why?...well I shall tell you...Mario Kart Wii was released on Friday, it's the great new game with the driving wheel. Of course the whole world wants one including what happens?...Nintendo let a few thousand into the country and thats it, all gone...Saturday morning at the shops there were none to be found, it was like xmas in fucking April. There were tears and tantrums, not only from me my friends, but a whole lot of other people...what happens next?...surprise surprise they all start popping up on ebay, on average 10 pounds more expensive than in the shops!...This is where the problem lies, Nintendo sell to retailers, retailers don't sell them in their shops, retailers sell them on ebay...with everyone scrambling for the best price frantically bidding miniseconds before the end auction time...yes,i have just bought one, yes i paid slightly over the top for one but hey!...I'm sure it's going to be glorious when it arrives...
PS...the same happened with 'Sonic and Mario at the Olympics'

Still on the Wii front I will give credit to Nintendo for producing an amazing bit of kit called Wii Fit which is out soon in the the trailer and prepare to be entranced...

Yes it looks excellent but it still ain't gonna help my lardy arse do any press ups in the near future!

The days go by...but the problems just get worse...

Having lived in Africa for five years I know that these people do not deserve the treatment they are getting...if you can do ANYTHING to let them here that you want to help (even if it's just starting a blog and filling it full of anti Mugabe videos) then please do, everything counts!

film of the week

It's a really enjoyable thrill ride.......

video of the day

ciao x

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Transient hamsters are the reason for job losses...


well what a shambles Glastonbury Festival has turned out to be this serious headliners (Jay Z, Neil Diamond and Leonard Cohen? WTF?) loads of unsold tickets (last festival they were sold within two hours, it's overpriced itself out of reach with a crap lineup...Michael Eavis has possibly gone quite mad! His daughter Emily is just massaging her ego...they did rescue themselves with one band though 'Band of Horses' who happen to be on my most played list....but I am not paying 160 pounds to see one band in three swamp filled days (it will be a miracle if it's not!).
It's a real shame but if this is the way things are going to go then I think Glastonbury ought to bow out gracefully before the rot sets in even further.
Glastonbury Festival R.I.P.

A defining moment from Faithless (Glastonbury 2002)

Well what I predicted would happen in Zimbabwe did happen...Mugabe and his drunken machete wielding troops are once again running riot on peaceful villages and towns, white farmers are being terrorised even further and nobody seems strong enough over there to get rid of him...I say Enough is Enough, let him face the special forces...Bring it on!

I felt I was in an episode of Sex and the City last night, I went with a friend to a friends house where there was also another friend who joined us. The next three hours were spent with coffee, chinese food, ruminating over decent revenge tactics, what we like in bed, how to keep a man, how to get a man, how to get rid of a man when you don't want him was exhausting but deliciously day I may write my memoirs in which I will go into greater detail...but in the meantime, you know who you are ;)

Album of the week

Yes, i know it's the film trailer but the album is terrific too !

have a nice couple of good to each other :)
ciao x

Friday, April 04, 2008


Hi greaser guys and cool chicks!'s that time of the day...the time to read piddys blog, now i know i've been a bit erratic with the postings but time just gets the better of me sometimes and these days the only time I get to write is in between work in the funeral parlor...possibly not the most condusive place to write but very possibly the most peaceful :)


I have decided to experiment a bit with writing, what I aim to do is to become a new author on the gay porn circuit to see if I could get published...I have a list of publishers who are accepting new writers so I held a little survey on my favourite Gay socialising site to see what scenarios and fetishes turned guys on when they were reading...having got some useful feedback I have now draughted out a rough story in which I aim to have about 2 orgasms per chapter as that seems to be the acceptable rule. I'm not going to say much more for now but will keep you posted on how it is going...I may put little excerpts on here but have to be careful as the site can be accessed by minors....

DVD of the week

Buy 'Cloverfield' now!

Album of the week
moby will release his sixth studio album last night on 31st march (uk) & 1st april (usa) 2008. the album was recorded in moby's home studio in manhattan ny and features a number of guest vocalists and includes the original 70's mc grandmaster caz one of the writers of rappers delight, sylvia from kudu, the uk's mc aynzli and the nigerian 419 squad.

moby on 'last night'
'"last night" is basically a love letter to dance music in new york city. what i love about the new york approach to dance music is the eclecticism and the open minded-ness on the part of the musicians, the dj's, and the people in the bars and clubs. in making 'last night' i essentially tried to take a long 8 hour night out in new york city and condense it into a 65 minute long album

It really is a magnificent album !

Just going back to the porn I forgot to say that if any of you lovely readers have especially filthy minds then please leave any scenarios or fantasies in the comments box :)

Ciao xx