Saturday, January 22, 2005

when the madness has faded

...he ran as quick as he could but the giant antelopes hooves were just inches from his face...

Don't you just hate people who love the sound of their own voice and think they are so fucking funny all the time. I listened to one today and all people thought was how insensititive, rude, sad, embarrassing and pitiful he was. I pray to God (although he doesn't exist...see previous entries) that i will never inherit this trait and i will always be a whining moody shit like i always have been!

been really tired today, really having trouble summing up the energy to even go to the pub tonight but we shall see, I may suddenly spurt (ooer!) at around 8pm which will turn me into Friday beer monster. Martin was angry with me today, I could tell. We were in a training course and i was really struggling getting the guts to stand up to present a joint effort to the team and I gave up in the end, i just couldn't do it. I really have to sort my screwy head out, I just get so frightened by people looking at me...its one of those weird own personal foible!

I don't even care who wins Big Brother now, it seems to have develope4d into a 'love me, love me' competition with each person flirting with the viewers affections..oh well we shall see what happens...this blog seems a bit doom and gloom today..perhaps i will feel a bit better tomorrow.

...seth the puppy didn't seem the slightest bit ashamed about making the mess on uncle franks trouser leg..


Anonymous said...

Well you learn something new every day, I thought you were a natural performer, you would have had the best voice, you must agree with that!

Anonymous said...

ooooooohhhhh i love reading this blog i rush home every night to catch up on a life that has more excitement than a nun at a lapdancing club ....... please please dont change your funny witty stimulating

an admirer xx