Wednesday, January 26, 2005

start the car ethel, the sheep have started singing

..."forgive me". she cried, as she held the head of his favourite superhero model in her shaking hand...

Today I have housewife hands, have done 3 loads of laundry today, how very humdrum. Now if only the drier was as quick as the washing machine. Why hasn't anybody invented that yet, a machine that dries in 40 minutes so it's ready for the next set of washing. Now i just have to tidy the flat, as my 'lady who does' is in residence tomorrow (i've told you before, don't go there)

'Being Julia' , a beautiful film I watched today with Annette Benning giving a very Oscar worthy performance in a typically typically so so English film...hooray for Annette!

Just another quick mention for 'Teach yourself Anatomy' 11pm Channel 4, tonight the main man is dissecting a body and showing us the journey from the tongue to the anus! (don't even think it!)...i really can't believe this programme! lol

Well you will be pleased to know thta Lisa was not upset reading about her hair colour online so please keep sending any constructive comments.

I am now on holiday until Monday so am making the most of it, all I need is to find a good man and I could have idled the time away somehow!

Good to see the Oscar nominations out yesterday, was a bit suprised at Clint Eastwood as best actor, the film was really moving but i thought Clint was just being Clint with a gravelly voice..heigh ho!..and where was Bill Murrays nomination for 'The Life Aquatic', this has to be an injustice surely! I am proud to say for the first time ever that I have seen all the films that are nominated for best film! hooray for piracy!

...Roger then slipped on the shit and ended up with his head up auntie alices arse...


Anonymous said...

The only way to get a drier to dry faster would be to make it hotter, the problem there is modern man made fibres shrink,melt,and generaly go to pot if heat them to much.Hear endeth the lesson.
Ps personaly I thought you would have been better off with a bad man. M

Anonymous said...

you should invite your friend martin round with his explosing gusset he must have a lot of hot air to let off lol

Anonymous said...

if your good/bad man has a friend please introduce him to your friends.

Anonymous said...

Hi Neil, what's wrong, 6pm still waiting for todays blog. Have you found that good man? Blog v's men, blogs should win everytime. Gx