Thursday, December 15, 2005

what is a tude without the word multi in front of it?...

Call me a sceptic but I had to sit down over the last weekend and watch the semi final of the X factor. When you’re staying with friends it seems rude to insist on watching the same as you would do at home, so there I was stuck with Simon Cowell grinning at all the money he is making from the show. Now way back when the program started I remember thinking that in the end we would be left with one contestant from each group. It makes it all kind of fair and more of a cliff hanger for the viewing public. Lets face it they tell you that the vote is down to the people who waste there money phoning in but nobody tell us exactly what the vote was. Who is to say that it’s not being massaged in some way to give a better result? After all the TV Company is all about making money and that is done in the commercial sector by better viewing figures.

And how do we get better viewing figures we have some controversy it makes people watch. Do I care who wins no they all look rather desperate to me. I am not a fan of these people who are so focused on fame at all costs that they are prepared to stand up and sink other people’s songs to get votes. Ok all bands or artists do the odd cover every now and then but to never judge them on there own talent is a shame. How about as part of next years competition and lets face it there will be one, have to play as part of there act at least two of there own penned songs so we can see who really has some talent.

As I listen to the radio at points during the working day I get to pick up interesting stuff from the news. And today has been no exception to the rule. There has been a change in the rules regarding product placements on commercial TV. This is designed to bring in more revenue as companies will have to pay to have there products “placed” in a program. As an example the radio used the example of the X factor. In America Coke pays to have its drinks on the judges desk in cups marked with the maker logo. In the UK we did not allow this and covered up the name or just had the drink in plain glass. Not any more we will soon be getting placements all over the shop. And a few examples sprung to mind. The bar of the Rovers could have real pump head selling fosters or Guinness. Delia would be able to recommend a particular pan or product instead of hinting at where to buy the perfect omelette pan. Any way this got me thinking about a new game to play to while away the long winter nights.

Silly products and the programs they could feature in. So I think it’s only fair that I start with a few then perhaps we could have some more added on the comments page. Perhaps an Ear defender company could pay to have some pairs on the desk during the X factor so Simon, Louie, and Shazzer could pop them on when the Conway sisters start to warble. And going back a few years the very talented Dave Allen instead of just a glass of whisky could have had the whole bottle label and all so we could see what fired the genius to perform. Perhaps the Pope (as previously and accurately described in these pages as a cunt) could from now on have the Daz logo in the middle of his back. Or the next papal tour could be sponsored by a condom manufacturer; they could have a new one especially made called the second coming. It could be designed to give more pleasure to priests when they abuse small boys. And as a last thought Tenner lady could pay to advertise there products in the House of Lords. So until next week as Dave Allen would say May your god go with you.
Matt x

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