Thursday, December 08, 2005

Short, Shit, But at least I made an effort!

After having a break for a couple of weeks I really thought I should make an effort and write this week. Don't get too excited becuase today I don't wish to share the details for my life with you all. I still think about Neil and Sharon's disagreement and her general disaproval about sharing too much info on this site, so I am going to remain sensible and stick with safe and boring topics.

Went to see the new Harry Potter film on Friday, really enjoyed it, and so did 7yr old. Thought it ended too soon, left me thinking had I dropped off and missed something! I don't think I did and I'm sure when it comes out on DVD and I've watched it 1000 times I will fully understand the ending. Would like to talk about it, but I can't find anyone else that has watched it.

Well December is here, and I'm feeling a little under pressure at the lack of presents under my tree(at least the tree it up), true to form I've come down with a cold, can't stop sneezing and generally feeling like sh*t! It happens to me every year so why am I surprised it's happened again this year. At least it's come early so maybe I will enjoy all the Xmas party's I have lined up. Maybe this year I can squeeze two in, an early and late one.

Still ciggie free and feeling really good that I have given up(again), this time I hope to remain focused. I've had lots of positive comments about how good my tits are looking, so maybe the slight weight gain is hitting all the right spots. It's great to have good remarks about my boobs, it has only ever happened to me once before and that was thanks to Marie and that dress!

Just before I go, I would like to admit I have been eagerly awaiting the Take That CD, it came today, it's fab, I'm not sure the neighbours are that impressed but 7 year old is one happy young man.......ok so we both have crap taste in music, it's official!

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