Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Baa Baa ethnic sheep...

Lisa in her own words completely unabridged !!!

Hello All


Well its that time again when we all start making fools of ourselves (well ok maybe a small minority) at the annual Christmas Party.

I seem to have excelled myself this year and seem to be going to a few!

Well my week starts on Thursday with the first Party of the Season, it sounds like I am sitting on an excellent table, so hopefully lots of laughs will be had. Then on
Friday its off to Butlins Skegness for their over 18`s One Big Christmas Party Weekend should be fun, there are 8 of us going so I will tell you all about it if I survive!

We shall be joined by the likes of Jason Donovan, 2 Unlimited, Jimmy James and the Vagabonds, Katrina and the one and only Alvin Stardust! There will also be tribute bands Bryan Adams Experience, Bootleg Slade, Tribute to Queen and Abba Forever. So I have been to the back of the wardrobe and found my platform shoes and silver jumpsuit. I will need to book time off to recover from it no doubt but it will be nice to get away for a few days.

The last one is the following week and seeing as it’s the big one I thought I would compile a list of the do`s and don’ts of Office Party Etiquette.

Do remember that the Office Party is a Social Event to reward employees and raise moral but they do remain strictly business events, DO act as though your behaviour is being monitored every second because it probably is. So its not the right time no matter how drunk you are to go and tell your boss exactly what you think of them. It might seem fine after a skinful but you have to face them on the Monday and you can be sure they have long memories!

Conduct yourself at all times in a professional manner. Don’t use the Party to blow off steam. There is a time and a place for that.

Do enjoy yourself at the Party – Employers spend the money to reward their employees, so be sure to enjoy the only gift you may be getting from the company.

Don’t wear your nightclub attire, this Party is still a company do, so don’t wear anything too revealing or too flashy, keep your reputation and your good taste intact!

Don’t flirt and avoid inappropriate behaviour, and keep your hands to yourself at all cost you don’t want to end your career doing something inappropriate or illegal – no matter how fun it may be

Don’t spend the evening complaining, bitching, whining or ridiculing and avoid controversial subjects that may cause offence.

If taking a partner or friend don’t bring someone inappropriate with you – you don’t need him or her telling everyone exactly what you have been saying behind their backs (although would bring much amusement to the Party!)

Don’t forget to thank the person, who organised the event, it doesn’t hurt to send a thank you to the top management too (you may need them at a later date!)

On a more poignant note ……….

If you are struggling to think of a present for someone this year check out the http://www.oxfam.org.uk/ - they are doing something a bit different called Oxfam unwrapped – basically you buy a gift and you are actually helping the lives of people living in poverty.

Everything you can buy can be used to help the communities, so if you were to buy a Goat, Calf or Camel (could i settle for a llama...i need the wool...blogmaster) you would be helping the community.

How you might ask well if you were to buy a Goat (A goat costs £24). You can buy one but can end up with a herd of them. The goats can then be sold to help raise money for school fees, tools so you are helping people to help themselves. And then when they reproduce they can then help another family by giving the first female kid to them, that way the process is started all over again.

The range of gifts is diverse it can be anything from helping someone to start there own business, training someone to be a volunteer or carer for people living with HIV/Aids, to buying a school desk or even to building a Classroom.

In these times when Christmas has become over commercialised and people have lost what the true meaning of Christmas is about spare a thought for the thousands who live in Poverty every single day and not just at Christmas.

Lisa x


3Steel said...

looks like i am only attending the one party/dinner this year!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

brilliant blog Lisa lots of love xxxxxLauren

Anonymous said...

The best thing about Xmas are the party's. Planning on staying sensible tomorrow........how long will that last! Gx