Saturday, December 10, 2005

conflicts and resolutions...

Managing Conflict Resolution and Dealing with Disputes
Dealing with Conflict Resolution and Difficult People

'Yes, but not today' is how people usually feel about this issue. Not
surprisingly we all feel that we need to prepare to handle conflict or
people who we find difficult.

Most people see conflict as indicative of a problem. Disagreement feels
uncomfortable and threatening. When there's no open conflict we can carry on
as though things are all right even if we know they aren't.

The main reason to engage in conflict is to reach a resolution. Without
resolution, conflict merely becomes an opportunity to recycle old arguments
and disagreements. With resolution conflict can be rewarding and exciting
and can move things forward!!!!

Had a bad day today (tuesday), i totally lost it
with someone and i can't get it out of my head, as it made me so angry!!!!,
but cant say anymore on here.

well its nearly tinsel and turkey season again
and the partying will be in full swing very soon and i cant wait for my one
and only dinner this year with all the gang as we dont seem to see eachother
as much these days, so thursday should be good. if you are reading this on
saturday i apologise for any drunken or lewd behavior if it was not welcome
and if it was, well, your welcome!!!!!

I have just sat through the best episode of most
haunted that i've ever seen , the location was Mains Hall which is six miles
east of Blackpool they did the usual things like seance's, table tipping and
the walk arounds with the mediums, which followed the usual trend of sencing
spirits of monks, children and military people, this time being from the
jacobite uprisings of 1715 and 1745, all very interesting but the best was
yet to come, Mains Hall used to be a hotel until part of the building was
destroyed by fire in 2002, it is now just a private home for the former
hoteliers and the fire damaged rooms that had been gutted have been
partially restored, in one of these rooms two of the most haunted crew were
doing what they call a "vigil" one of the crew (Stuart) was calling out to
the spirits, the other (Karl) was on the night vision camera, as they were
talking to eachother this ghostly image floated past the screen ( at first i
thought it was a cobweb) they replayed it a couple of times in slowmotion
and i swear it was a face of a woman, i was totally shocked as i normally
sit ther taking the piss out of everything that they say and do but since
the departure of Derek, the show seems to have got more interesting and less
mellodramatic and i watch with a new found interest.

see you all at the party.....................steve x


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, my advice is put it to bed and move on. How is the other person feeling, can you not sit down and discuss the issues?
Maybe now you have offloaded a little you will begin to feel better? Probably talking complete crap again, but it may help. Gx

3Steel said...

thanks, it did help!, now just waiting for the next bit of stress to come my way!!!!!!!!