Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Curse of The New Year...

what the fuck is it with me and New Years Eve...yet again I have been struck down by a bug like thing, swollen throat, rasping breath and a runny nose...every bloody year for the last 3 years...its beyond a joke now.

At least I have last night to remember, we went and we rocked out at The New Inn in Bedford to a band called Thunderbird 5 (I think we have mentioned them before in previous blogs)...they were excellent last night, the highlight being their version of The Who's 'Won't get fooled again' was a really fun night and KS (the equal partner!) got to meet the gang...Marie, Matt, Steve, Lisa and Lynn who were all on great form and in the party spirit (although Steve was slightly jaded and in shame from previous night shennanigans!).

I am so lucky to have friends as accepting and non judgemental as i do...well thats it then..another year flies by and it only seems like yesterday when i was writing from my sick bed last year lol!

A Very happy new year to you all...see you in 2006 !


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you not well again.
lots of love neil xxxxxxlauren

mcaretaker said...

Not again !!!!!!!!