Wednesday, December 21, 2005


hi all

just wanted to let you all know that everything is fine this end. Sorry about the lack of blogs but everybody must be really really busy...i know i have been. Went xmas grocery shopping with Lisa last night. We decided we would go to Morrissons in Cambourne (about 35 minutes away) so we left at just after 7pm. We started shopping at 7.50pm and then realised that the shop shut at 8pm (so much for late night shopping! have never seen us whizz so fast round a shop with a full size was like supermarket sweep without dale winton...i was madly throwing turkey crowns around , lisa was concerned about her brussels and as for dessert, deciding what would go with a huge pot of double cream turned into a monstrous affair...we did take time and study the wines for a few minutes though!...oh the fun of it much is happening at the moment but i just don't have time to write...have still not wrapped anything...had a letter from the hospital saying that I have my CT scan on the 4th Jan...I think love is blooming nicely (is 4 dates with the same person in the same week a good sign?)...anyway no time no time!...djing at xmas party tonight...will be glad of the rest at xmas break...a whole 10 days off ! whoopee!!...Matts blog tommorow...
love ya
Neil x


Anonymous said...

Trust me Neil, 4 dates with the same person in one week in bloody fab! Gx

Anonymous said...

Four Dates in one week! I wish I could muster up one - xx