Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sleaze in ButlinsWorld...

Well I have just come back from a great weekend away at Butlins Skegness and I have to say that it was a great Christmas Party. We set off on Friday afternoon my car was laden with cases and a few crates of drink! The weather I have to say at Sleaford was not the best but we were all in good spirits and looking forward to a weekend of Partying. I have only been to Butlins once before and was a bit worried about the accommodation, the beds tend to be on the small side. We arrived at the site and collected the keys and then spent the next half hour looking for our rooms! They all look the same when its dark, anyway mission accomplished Karen, Annie and I bagged one apartment and the other four were in the apartment opposite. Karen and Annie decided to share one room and offered me the room with the double bed. The apartment was very basic but comfortable and we immediately set about making it more lived in. We emptied the bags of booze and then grabbed a bottle and headed next door to see what we were doing later.

We decided to go for dinner and then come back have a shower and go down to Reds for the show and then take it from there.

I have to admit that I cant really remember who was on Friday Night as I was very much the worse for wear, as all will know me will vouch I don’t normally drink so it did not take much to have me legless suffice to say I woke the next morning with a hangover, I never made it to breakfast but was assured by Karen that I did not miss much.

Saturday arrived and Margaret, Veronica, Eleanor and Linda decided to check the Swimming Pool out. Annie, Karen and I thought we would check out the pubs! Margaret and the others came back telling us all about the fantastic time they had had at the Pool, and we stayed in the Pub watching Arsenal lose to Newcastle, Veronica was heartbroken for me and could not resist mentioning how many points Chelsea had compared to Arsenal bless her!

In the evening we could not make up our mind whether to see Alvin Stardust or Jason Donovan, suffice to say alcohol won and we ended up watching Alvin Stardust purely because we were too merry to move. Some of us staggered back to the chalets for cheese and biscuits (I bet you Lisa was the cheese and biscuits...blogmaster), others stayed out dancing until the early hours of the morning.

Having got to bed at 5am it was very nice of Margaret not to wake us up early! Our chalet by then had come to resemble student digs, the other lot had the more posh pad complete with candles and looked more homely.

Sunday Afternoon was Abba Forever they were excellent lots of Dancing Queens, then off to get some food so that we could get to the club early tonight, as it was our last night. Katrina (without the waves) was good but the best performance was a band called to Mercury a Queen Tribute Band they were excellent and got the whole place rocking.

As we had to head off early in the morning I headed back to the Chalet to pack – some stayed on to dance the early hours away and some never came home till the next day. We all thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and plan to go back next year.

All I will say is that if you want a really good weekend and this was strictly over 18`s so no kids around then I would recommend it – its cheap, there is always something going on, everyone is friendly and you make lots of new friends!

Lisa xx


3Steel said...

glad you had a good time!, did you make it home in time for work?

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa, how did you manage to last the weekend! Sounds fab but not really for me.........too much drinking and eating! Gx

3Steel said...

You would not have to pay for your drinks though Gina!!!!, you could take your own

Anonymous said...

Yes we made it back for afternoon work lol........ and Gina I took a leaf out of your book and never bought one drink I had a magic bottle in my bag mmmmm or was that two magic bottles! :) Lisa xx

mcaretaker said...

Shock horror yet again Lisa does not buy any drinks..........lol