Sunday, December 18, 2005

Shayne wins the X Factor!....

Well that was a good thing yesterday...he was my second choice after Brenda and boy did he pull it off big time! What a great vocal quality and range he has...i wish him all the success in the world!...

Great things happened yesterday morning..there i was slouching around in dressing robe and the postman popped his wares through my before i carry on with the story I have to take you back 16 years to when I lived in Southampton and then Bournemouth. I had two great friends Phil and Mimi who used to come to see me djing and we used to hang out a lot together. They got married and gave birth to a lovely little boy called Sebastian and over time due to my carelessness and other circumstances we lost contact. Over the last 6 years or so i have left the occasional message on contact sites like friends reunited etc and hoped to somehow regain contact. Back to yesterday...I went and picked up the post and there it was, a xmas card from Phil, Mimi and Sebastian...being a bit emotionally fragile at the moment I did blub a bit but then got straight on the phone to phil who had left his mobile number inside...although he was driving he was jumping up and down with joy in the drivers seat and as he pulled up to the house he ran inside shouting to mimi that he had someone on the phone...more joy jumping ensued and the outcome of the call was that we will be somehow meeting up very shortly...little Sebastian is now 16! be continued

In the paper today there is more concern about the proposed wind farm development in Podington Bedfordshire...the local villages have all opposed the idea as have many residents in the surrounding area...this makes me sick, the villages are made up of older middle class people that don't give a fuck about anyone else because their 'outlook' may be changed. It makes me so angry that Britain can still breed narrow minded bigots who won't even bother to change with time to enable us to save the earths resources. I am now going to name and shame the villages that are objecting... Bozeat : Carlton : Chellington : Easton Maudit : Farndish : Felmersham : Harrold : Hinwick : Irchester : Little Odell : Little Wymington : Odell : Pavenham : Podington : Radwell : Rushden : Sharnbrook : Souldrop : Strixton Wollaston : Wymington. Wind farms can be beautiful things as well as economicaly and ergonomically viable...the proposed wind farm will generate 18 percent of bedford boroughs electricity needs...I hope these villagers rot in hell least get frazzled by the sun as the earths ozone layer depleats even more.
Go Here!...

We had the big works xmas party on was okay...the food was good, company excellent as I was seated next to people i love (lisa was shoved over at another table so i missed her a bit)
but the music was seemed to be taped xmas party stuff which was all the usual guff...nothing past 1999...we got home about 11 which was unusually early for me!

Isn't it funny how opposite events attract each other, as you have read, something very negative happened to me on Thursday but also something extremely positive...its nice when something beautiful enters your life...more on that soon.

Well thats all for now...have a nice rest of the weekend..
Neil x

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mcaretaker said...

I like wind farms and I agree they can be beautiful things.