Wednesday, December 28, 2005

lisas xmas card

Christmas is over for another year – I hope that it was all you wanted it to be and more.

I had a lovely belated Christmas on Boxing Day with Neil, as most of you know I worked on Christmas Day and had a brilliant day.

I have to say that I arrived at Neil’s and was amazed how tidy his flat was – even the bathroom looked 10 times bigger. I thought he had made the effort for me but sadly I found out it was for someone even more special than me! (I know I can hear the gasps now, someone even more special than Lisa, I am afraid Neil has put me back on the shelf to gather dust).

Anyway Boxing Day was really lovely I could not think of anyone I would have rather spent it with than Neil, we spent the day watching fab movies all of which I can highly recommend seeing.

The first one `Just like Heaven` starring Reese Witherspoon is a feel good girly chick flick and has it all we were both crying at the end.

We then sat down for the most beautiful dinner we started with Salmon with feta cheese, dried tomatoes and olive salad, followed by turkey with all the trimmings. Neil was in charge of the Turkey and I had the veg to sort out and what a pair of cooks we were we could have given Johnny and Fannie a run for their money!
We were so full that we decided to wait for dessert and watch a film, `The Chronicles of Narnia` what a beautiful film it was like reading the C S Lewis Book and just how I had imagined Narnia to be.

The main feature was `King Kong` I have to say when Neil told me it was over 3 hours long I did wonder if it was my kind of film, but 3 hours flew by and the film is beautiful, we both cried at the end. And we did manage to eat dessert too a beautiful chocolate gateaux with cream.

I went home that night feeling very loved and very full and would like to say thank you for such a really special day, and I love you always. Lisa x


Happy Birthday to the Blog, and Happy Birthday to Steve for Thursday xxxxx

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