Friday, April 21, 2006


No one would have believed that in the 21st century (in the voice of Richard Burton).....that Jeff Wayne could come up with such an awesome spectacle as The War of The Worlds staged musical...One of the best uses of sound, graphics, pyrotechnics and stage magic that I have ever witnessed (and as most of you know I have been around in 'theatre world' for a quite a long time)...I won't bore you with a review or pics as it is all on the net already...go here!!_

That about sums the whole thing up really...I would say though that if you ever get the chance to see this again (and I probably doubt that it will happen) its a must see!

Have been working out the intracacies of HDR photography with help from Matt and online tutorials...its really intriguing and quite addictive, hopefully when i get my tripod i will have a few more examples on flickr to show you...

So the Queen is the BBC wastes an hour of television watching her come out of her Castle to shake a few commoners hands and then dissapear into a birthday party where her jaded view of normality is allowed to recommence. I really have no time for the Royal Family apart from the Princess Royal, who actually does do some work, and I get sick to death of Americans and other non natives bleating on about how lucky we are to have them...I tell you what then..YOU FUCKING HAVE THEM!...I am fed up of subsidising a bunch of whingeing parasitic cunts (sorry for the language mum! :) )

Anyway on a lighter note we may have an opening of Steves Shed ceremony this weekend but I will let you hear about the shed in Steves blog tomorrow...hopefully! :)
Neil x

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