Saturday, April 01, 2006

...Because I want to see people and I want to see life...

WELCOME TO MOST HAUNTED........... Written!!!!!.
Today we are at Market Street garage Ulverston Cumbria, above which i lived with my Nan and aunty Mabel, as you will know from previous blog entries, anyway the house itself was a three bedroomed place the living area was massive 30ftby 12ft all the bedrooms,bathroom and kitchen were accessed from the lounge, all the lights in the living area were controlled by only one switch which was outside my nans room and the furthest away from my room and as i liked to sit up late and watch T.V. it was always a pain to turn the lights off especially when i forgot to turn on my bedroom light, and had to feel my way in the dark to my room, I always got that "there is someone or something behind me feeling" you know, shivers down the back of your neck, wierd!.
My Nan had a dog called Kim it was a border terrier, Kim would always sit with me when i watched tele at night, one night we were watching America's top ten with Casey Kasem, when Kim went running off to the door at the top of the stairs all the hairs on her back were up and she was growling at something behind the door, I went to check if anyone was there but there was not and two minutes later Kim was back to normal. If you thought that was weird this next bit will blow your mind!!!.
I was in my bed asleep, and you know when you wake up turn over and stretchout yawning!, well i was doing that, and as i turned over i opened my eyes and came face to face with an old woman sat on my bedside table, she was wearing a black dress, hook and eye boots, a white apron and her grey hair was done up in a tight bun, strange thing was, where her eyeballs should have been were just black empty sockets, you can imagine what i shouted as i jumped out of bed to put the light on, Of course everyone says i was dreaming and there is no such thing as ghosts, but i was not dreaming!!!!, i was scared, it also took me a week to to pluck up the courage to sleep in my room again but after a few days of sleeping on a small sofa i was glad to have more room to stretchout.
Have you had a paranormal experience? if so let us know in the comments section!!

I can recommend a good album for you to listen to its by a group called Ezio who hail from Cambridge the album is called Higher and if you like groups like Counting Crows then this is for you, hope you get to listen.
Before i go went to see S.L.F. again at the junction in Cambridge with Matt, Marie and Lisa and had fab night especially listening to the support act "blood or whiskey" they are an irish punk band who sounded a bit like riverdance on acid they were quite funny, sadly i found out today that one of the singers has died from a heart attack at the age of 33 certainly makes you think about your own mortality!. All for now Steve.

PS...Title game in progress....yesterdays song was 'Do me Baby' by Prince and there was no winner for that one!...Neil

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