Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If there were no dreams and there were no dreamers, then how could i dream you up?...

Hi all

Well after a chaotic weekend I have finally moved, thanks to my brothers and family and a few very kind friends we managed to move all my junk from one place to another.

In one week I have had a roller coaster of events, the excitement of moving and getting packed up ready, Arsenal beating Juventus in the 2nd leg on Wednesday.

Thursday morning woke up early as I was taking my cats to my Sister’s driving off to find out I had no brakes! Phoned a few friends to find out a reputable garage in Bedford that would not rip me off. Finally found one recommended by a few friends and carefully drove very slowly and cautiously there.

Car now left with instructions to ring me before carrying out any work, a few hours later the guy rang to ask me if I was sitting down I said I was (I know it makes a change usually tearing about! He then went on to explain that my brake cables were non existent and that I was lucky to be alive as they could have gone at anytime. He was surprised that it had passed it MOT in November as they were obviously in a bad state then.

I asked him when I could have the car back as I was moving over the weekend he said that he would do his best but that it may not be until Monday or Tuesday. Anyone that has a car will know how lost you can be without it having to rely on friends or the local bus service. (A big thank you to Steve for taking me home to collect an overnight case on Thursday and for Neil for the use of his spare room, have to say it took me ages to get to sleep due to the weird noises at night (not Neil I hasten to add) took me a while to fathom out it was the whirring of the lift going up and down.

Anyway the nice man at the garage managed to fix my car late on Friday night he felt sorry for my plight, that and the £150 it cost to get the brakes cables fixed.

Anyway like I said the move went well and Neil has been round and given his seal of approval, and once the carpets are laid, and normality has been restored you all are welcome to visit.

Short but sweet Lisa

Oh just wanted to thank BT for the £98.90 connection fee they are charging me to be able to have them at my new address been with them over 5 years, but because they have never been to the new address they have to charge a connection fee you would think the loyal service of an existing customer they would waiver that fee. (BT are just butt munchers!...blogmaster)

(well done lisa, no spelling mistakes or typo's today! 10/10....just to let you all know that Glen from Poland has had to cance his visit so I will try and post a blog tommorow so you have something to devour!...Neil x)


Anonymous said...

Neil Diamond !

piddy77 said...

correct...anonymous wins that round!

Anonymous said...

that will be me then lol Lisa xx