Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I had a fools confidence, that the world had no boundaries...

Flying with a whisper of movement,
the dove became one with the sky,
reaching previously unattainable distance.

Concentrating on the end result,
The dove became one with itself,
believing everything it was visualising.

experiencing the end result,
The dove became thankful to the universe,
freeing other Doves from their limited mindsets.

flying into the eternal ether,
The dove became an icon to the lost,
teaching the masses to once more dream again.

...Hello all...just a little poetry moment there...hope you liked it, I seem to be in an inspirational mood today after seeing and talking to a couple of friends. Its a shame Bugyell couldn't make it to piddy towers today, I was really looking forward to the visit but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be...perhaps next time...

Feeling a lot better today...still doing stupid things though...I decided to move a chair, sounds easy enough but I felt some inner pain so I had to stop...just getting really frustrated now as I want to be doing simple things like that but my physical form is telling me no!...fuck it!

Over the weekend I am hoping LIsa will be taking me out so I can get some new photos onto the flickr website, I'm getting a bit sick of seeing Hunstanton now (although it was a very special day for me) lets hope for a bit of forestry or something mighty interesting...hope the weather holds out!...3Steel is having a shed delivered tomorrow morning all the way from Burnley...I am sure there will be a funny story arising from the situation so I am sure we will hear in 3Steels blog if things go awry!...all for now
Neil x

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