Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Nobody gonna take my head, I got speed inside my brain...

Hi all

Well what a roller coaster of a week it’s been I had my hair cut on Wednesday to which I am eternally grateful to my brother. When we arranged the day I had forgotten that Arsenal were playing Juventas in the Champions League and I am so glad they won 2 – 0 in the first leg otherwise my hair could have been a disaster. (Second leg tomorrow off to watch it with a bunch on Lads in the Pub so hope to have nails left at the end lol)

My brother and I are off to Arsenal later in the Month for a tour of the Stadium and Cocktails with Kenny Samson, And for anyone who doesn’t know Arsenal are moving at the end of the season to a bigger and better stadium just down the road at Ashburton Grove. And the hallowed turf at Highbury will be no more, and so come August there will be lots of bidding for prized possessions from Highbury. I have already secured a few items a couple of seats from the Stadium in a lovely bright red a little piece of Arsenal coming to Bedford and they will be winging there way to me come August when the season is over.

I had a lovely jaunt up to Allington on Sunday to visit my Dad who has just moved there, he and my stepmum the drive up there was a mixture of sun and heavy rain. I have to admit that as I get older driving holds less appeal to me, to many idiots on the road who obviously don’t know how to drive – but don’t get me started on that it could fill a whole blog. Never experienced road rage before but find I can slip into that mode fairly easily now .

Oh yes and my last little bit of news is that I am moving to Bedford very soon (like this weekend aaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhh.) after years of living in a village I have opted for the town life.

So if you should see a fraught deranged person at the weekend driving like a person possessed it will only be me trying to move !
See you all next time hopefully moved in and preparing for a small house party in the not too distant future

Lisa xx


3Steel said...

Congratulations Lisa, hope the move goes smoothly!!!!

3Steel said...

OOh its a killing machine!!!!
Deep Purple Highway Star

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve now I will be able to get a taxi home on some Friday nights lol Lisa xxx

british babe xx said...

i hav no idea who u r but if u lyk arsenal u gotta be cool ...hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi British Babe thanks for the message yes Arsenal fan through and through xx