Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lisa's goodly smatterings!....

Hello my fellow blogmates

Well its been a hectic week so far having moved into my new place the carpets are now down and my brother and sister in law have been round to help with a few things that needed doing. Namely putting up pictures I am not trusted with a hammer or drill I cant think why I have only managed drill though electrical cables once and now if I mention putting up shelves or pictures my brother or dad offer!

Anyway I did not tell you one funny story that happened on the move Neil felt I should share it with you all seeing as he found it so highly amusing.

I packed up all my stuff to move and thought that it would save time if I left my bedroom drawers full of my clothes, did not think it would be much heavier to lift and saved on packing them back when I arrived at the other end. Anyway my sister in law and I moved them into the Lounge ready for my brother as he was loading everything into the van and imagine my horror when he said that he thought the easiest thing to do was to empty the drawers and then proceeded to open the first drawer to find things your brother does not need to see! My sister in law burst out laughing when my brother stared at my Ann Summers purchases and I ran and hid in the bathroom.

Had a lovely weekend Friday night was Pub night and Neil ventured out to the Wellie, looking slightly nervous I have to say but a few beers later he was fine.

And as Neil has already mentioned we spent a lovely day at Salcey Forest although I did not venture up to the top the wobbling was a bit too much for me. Neil was very good he did even though there were small children around and he managed not to swear too much.

Champions League Football this Wednesday Arsenal v Villarreal so no nails left on Thursday and I am off to Arsenal on Thursday for a Stadium tour with my brother Steve.

So tales a plenty next week

Ciao Lisa xx

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