Saturday, April 08, 2006

the competition has a day off blog title...

AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#@#@#//??, I have just spent the last 2HRS trying to pay for a garden shed bought on EBAY and Quite frankly i have lost the will to live, Basically i found a nice 6x4 shed for the princely sum of £129.00, i'm having some of that i thought to myself, so i commit to buy and click on the pay now button which takes me to the paypal login page, after logging in i am confronted with a message "this transaction is over your spending limit" Obviously as i have no funds in my paypal account, no problem though as i want to pay by debit card, but could i pay by debit card, NO is the short answer to that little question, i just keep getting requests to enter my bank details and set up a direct debit mandate to which i keep shouting no i want to pay by card!!! eventually, after calming down a bit i try to pay again but to no avail, so out of desperation i email the seller and ask if i can pay any other way, but have not had a reply yet! so i am in a bit of a limbo situation at the moment, i am hoping not to get any bad feedback on my ebay account as i have never had this problem with paypal before.

Edward is now a fully paid up member of Bedford Blues juniors rugby team, He went training with them last sunday morning and really enjoyed himself especially as one of his friends from school is also a team mate, As i watched him passing the ball and running fast and tackling and all that, i suddenly found myself descending into the realms of pushy parenthood, i could hear this voice from within saying "come on Edward support the man with the ball" and "don't tackle your own team mates" then, "go on Edward get him" Claire also says i was like a fan watching a proper game and not just a kids training session, she also said to her friend "I am not with the nutter in the blue hat", at the end of the session i went into the club house and got Edward his teams shirt and surprised him with it in the car on the way home, it was straight out of the wrapper and he wore it all day and did want to sleep in it as well!!

writers block!!! all for now steve.

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mcaretaker said...

Hi Steve if you have your bank account registered with PayPal you can transpher funds to and from the PayPal account and the nominated bank account at will. Just credit the Paypal account with the funds and then pay.Its quite safe and I have done it regulaly.