Thursday, April 27, 2006

beep beep n beep beep yeah!

Well hello and welcome back if you have read this before and come in and snuggle up if your new its time to talk browsers today. What the fuck is a browser I hear you all shout. Well you’re using one at present if you’re reading this on your computer. Windows comes with one and it’s called “Internet Explorer” or “IE” for short and I guess that most of the planet uses it as most of the planet access the web by one of Bills toys. Now that is another story for another day but just to let you know there are other ways to use a computer and never ever touch a Windows product.

So back to browsers, as most of you will know when you surf the World Wide Web opening pages and downloading the latest video from some tuneless hopeful you are targeted by all sorts of web based nastiness floating around in cyber space. Some just want to record your movements the so called spy ware and some want nothing more than to turn your computer into an ornament with no useful purpose, they do this with viruses of which there are many and legion. Now if you’re sensible your Anti spy ware will save you from all the one that manages to get through your firewall. I take it you do have both of them? If you don’t then you probably deserve all you get. You have been warned and told enough times.

The other problem is that as we all know “IE” can sometimes crash with terrible results for the rest of your computer. This is because Internet Explorer is Windows and as an integral part of Windows whatever happens to it happens to the rest of the operating system. What you really need is a way to surf the web with more control, more safety, and using a program that does not attract the same level of attention as the regular Windows offering.

Well help is at hand with a wonderful product called Firefox. It is a great open source replacement for the usual windows surfing tool and in my experience is quicker as well. It also blocks popups protects you from viruses, spyware. You can also import all your settings and favourites from “IE”. It has been around for many years and is well developed and has won awards all over the shop. Just point your Internet explorer at
It might be the last time you ever use it.

And they also do a pretty good replacement for “Outlook or Outlook express” depending on what you use. If you use either of the Microsoft offerings Thunderbird will feel like a breath of fresh air take a look at it at
See you all next week.

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Simon Scatt said...

I think it's better to use anti-spyware as a seperate program, as for me I use Anti-Keylogger (for those who is interested