Monday, April 24, 2006

Baaa Baaaaa ullaaaaaahhh eek poing poing poing

Hi....GGGGGGggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (thats a big growl at blogger as this is the 3rd time I have written this today!)

I was moved this morning because somebody sent me this beautiful message...

"Thank You for the treasure of beautiful music. Thank You for the sounds that thrill my body, lift my spirit and rejoice my heart. Thank You for the instruments, the notes, the melodies, the words—for such expressions of heart and soul. It's such a wonderful way to communicate, such a unique way to convey a message and to understand what someone else is saying or feeling.

You've made music such a wonderful avenue, and You've given us so much music—heavenly melodies, heavenly lyrics and divine inspiration.

Songs that come from Your heavenly reservoir of music give us such a charge, such a rush in the spirit. They're electrifying, beautiful. They move us and make us want to dance and sing and love and hug and kiss and give You to others. We're so thankful for Your heavenly music, for Your heavenly vision, and for this tremendous gift and treasure You've given us."

I wanted to burst into an abba song but a little tear formed instead and I just sat here and wondered what it would feel like to get that sort of praise everyday...perhaps we all just take for granted what is in our lives...perhaps we ought to just look our partners in the eyes and say 'I love you' more often than we do...I know how i felt, what about you?

£100 for George Michael ...bollocks to him!

I had a nice day today..went to see a friend this afternoon which was lovely, I took her a poster that I had designed as I had heard she had been a bit down in the dumps...I've posted it here for all of you to see..I'm sure she won't mind...

It was created at flickrtoys website and contains my sentiment and I know what I'm going to do when i return to work, they will be plastered everywhere so i will be able to get through the day!

I haven't seen Lisa as much as I would like to have done as she is always working at the moment, but i think she knows i think about her a lot...i hope she thinks about me!

Just a quick word to all the new readers..yes, this site is run buy a queer, faggot, gayboy (whatever terminology you wish to use...nothing offends me anymore!) but it's's also very honest and we all write from the if you are enjoying your reading you may want to join in..we could always do with a spare writer or two!...anyway I hope you stay a long time and settle in to the land we call Piddy's you all
Neil x

PS. Forgot to mention that the blessed Cabbage Soup diet has had a complete makeover..go here and join me next week for seven days of farting fun!

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mcaretaker said...

Nice to see you have lost none of that bitter and twisted