Friday, April 14, 2006

...and once again it's Paris, Paris on a Sunday, and the month is May...

Hello special friends and welcome to the Good Friday edition of piddys place...I hope that the easter eggs are now wrapped and the bunny leaves his droppings for you with love!...

Snow Patrol do it again...what a magnificent fucking album it is...'Eyes Open' is a mature and excellently produced product...a work of musical magic that permeates youth, angst and love all in the space of 11 masterly composed songs. I really cannot rave about this band enough and I urge all of you with an indie 'bent' to go and search out this album as soon as you can..

Shayne Ward's album is also very good for a piece of eye candy..nuff said!

Its a lovely day today here and I am hoping that spring/summer is finally here...the temp is up, the wind has died down, the windows are open and the roof has tempted me to wander out onto the it, love it, love it....

It's the first pub night since my illness so I am going out tonight, I hope everything goes okay but i should be fine, really looking forward to talking to more than one person at a time...i love the hubub of crossed conversations, misheard fragments of other peoples lives...all washed down with some excellent real ale.....ooh head now bouncing up and down to 'chasing cars' by Snow Patrol (its one of those anthemic songs, you know what I mean!)

Having a great time on MySpace with groovy music friends...join me on there!

all for now
Neil x

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