Sunday, April 23, 2006


hi all...sorry for the non appearance of Steves shed tales..I think we may have had a technical hitch over the weekend but will try and find out for the meantime you have me for a few minutes today...

I just had to write in the blog how disgusting and disheartening it is about the price of concert tickets rising and rising for no valid reason. Take George Michael for example, not toured for 15 years so I thought, yes, that would be nice to to the website we troddle...£100 per ticket...same went for Madonna but hers were £160 per is just plain ridiculous but people pay these prices and most of the George Michael dates are already sold out just 4 hours after going on sale. Why should we pay this much?...what will we get for the money, approx 90 minutes of live excuse me but you can go and see a spectacular 3 hour production with a cast of 30 for around £50 in the west come on celebrities, fess much money do YOU make out of it?

Feeling a little disheartened today as the district nurse said it could take at least another month before my wounds heal and they would reccomend to the doctor that I look at mid June for a back to work date...I have to go and see the doc in about 10 days time so will know more then...
great, just in time for Summer and hot weather!...i didn't quite work that out right did i !... kicked off the Prince fan site today...the quick story is that i read in the paper that Cecilia (one of Princes dancers) was arrested at Rio airport with 20kg of Cocaine shoved in her i troddled over to the chat forum and poliutely posted this and asked if anybody had heard anymore and whether Prince was with her at the time.....the replies on the site I got were from some obviously cocooned yank fans who believe butter wouldn't melt in their idols mouths...I got accused of gossip mongering (even though it was in the paper and must have been checked out because you know what Prince is like with lawsuits) and spreading negative maliciousness and THEN i had an email from the moderator telling me that they had removed my text and I was not welcome to participate in the forum...what a bunch of fucking dribbling scrote holes!...I still admire and respect Prince and his music but refuse to have anything to do with the Cult of Prince that seems to rule the forum site...I wonder if he is aware?

all for now...have a nice rest of the weekend
Neil x

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