Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ullaaaaaaahhhhhhh....please read tomorrows blog!

Hell do you ever get the feeling that you should have left well alone. Opening up a can of worm that the consequences of which go on to affect other things. Now to some if I tell you that I am once again on about my computer, will think why the hell you are making such a fuss about an inanimate object. Other on the other hand will know only to well the sinking feeling as you can’t get at your prized pictures or games, because something that used to work perfectly yesterday or even ten minutes ago has for some reason stopped.

Technology moves on and with every month that passes it gets more able to work with the poor people who use it. But it does not get any simpler. When did anyone replace there mobile phone with a new one that has fewer options than the last one. No in an ever increasing race to get at your hard earned money companies add more and more features to everything. My current mobile has the ability to receive Email and even a TV signal through the mobile network. Why when the hell am I going to need that, if I go away I stay either with friends who have TV’s or a hotel that has one, or I am at work and daytime TV is crap not to mention the fact that I am supposed to be working. Then of course if you qualify in all the pervious departments the screen is so small that no one over the age of thirty has eyesight good enough to watch it.

And then you have the other problem, the average teenager does not have the disposable income to buy the latest techno thing which by definition is going to be more expensive than the model it replaces. Think about the old man in the expensive sports car with no one in the passenger seat. Not that new models or high tech things actually cost more to produce than the older model. You see manufactures use the natural greed in all of us to earn more money. New model equals exclusivity equals higher price.

Forget for a moment that a DVD has a better picture quality than the old video and think about it this way. Why is a DVD more in the shops than a Video? If you look at a video there are loads of parts that cost money to make, tape, gears, bearings, cogs, and then it all has to fit together and all those parts need to be made with a tolerance so the tape will run smoothly over the tape heads and work. A DVD on the other hand is one single piece of foil between two layers of clear plastic. They can be made by the million at a fraction of a penny each. The humble video cost much much more to make. And that is the real reason that the film industry pushed got us to change to DVD’s.

Time Sony Warner Pixar Plc could not give a stuff about your viewing pleasure, your going to buy it regardless of the format. Push the change to DVD because they can make more profit. That is also why they are so anti the illegal copy of films and music. The artist is always sited as the real looser but they only get a small fraction of the monies earnt. Copying cuts your profit. If record and film companies were really interested in the artist they would welcome the fact that the work is being seen by more fans. Rant over for another week.

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