Thursday, May 18, 2006

Water water everywhere and not a drop to....

You know I fancy having a drink, not alcoholic you understand well not at this time of the day anyway, but a nice refreshing glass of water. But hold on stop the presses should I, can I, or will I not be taken to some darkened room and beaten around the head. Water it appears has become the hot topic of the moment. For decades we have been the envy of the world with our system of pipes that give all clean fresh drinking water in every location in the land. And yet it all seems to have fallen through our fingers like…..well water really.

Because this green and pleasant land is green and pleasant we have taken it all for granted. It never mattered that our water pipes leaked like a Typhoo tea bag; after all it was going to be a wet summer like last year and the year before that. Let’s face it the whole British way of life is revolved around the weather and what falls out of the sky on bank holidays. So for once we are going to get the kind of weather that we all dream of apparently, and as a result the whole of society is going to crumble because we can’t cope with dry weather.

Now just as a comparison lets look at Las Vegas a fantastic holiday destination with world class shopping and every kind of entertainment known to man. Every hotel has at least five pools and there are whole lakes outside some. There is even a scaled down version of Venice yes including the water and just to add insult to injury the whole lot is in the middle of a fucking big desert with no water in any direction. Death Valley is just over the hill (kind of) and everyone in Las Vegas can swim drink and wash there car etc etc as often as they like. So given that even if we have a heat wave lasting ten years we still will have more water than Las Vegas ever does. So let me say it again loudly THEY ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKIN DESERT. The coast and therefore the sea are about 850 miles as the crow files give or take a bit from the strip in Las Vegas. Try driving 850 miles in any direction from any point in this country and you will drop in the stuff that is in such short supply.

We are on island and not a very big one by global standards surrounded by water so where is the problem. I am at a loss to understand, no really joking apart why are we in this mess. Back in 76 when the sun last came out there was a plan to stop drought ever happening again. There was a minister of water appointed and we were going to invest in desalination plants. More reservoirs and an integrated water network to move water from one side of the country to the other. What happened why was nothing done? Ill tell you what happened it rained that’s what. Oh and that evil bitch privatised the water industry back in the eighties. We can be so short sighted sometimes.
Matt x

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oh does that mean we can start sharing baths again lol x