Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Laydeeez and genulmen...Elvis has left the building...


Another time waster to start you off today , what a great game this takes place online and in the real world so the two are finally blurring together quite nicely...the gist of the project is that a Cube has been stolen and hidden somewhere on earth...playing cards that you solve and outdoor pursuits lead you to clues of its whereabouts and the 100,000 pound prize...its all a tad confusing to start with so you need to contact someone that would be of help, luckily i found a nice chap called Benjamin who guided me through to the inner sanctum of the game...its very cool and has people up to the age of 84 playing at the go ahead..join us in perplex city!

Just watched 'The Inside Man' ...very cool and stylish film by Spike Lee...Clive Owen is as gorgeous and magnificent as ever, Jodie Foster makes a nice cameo appearance and Denzel is just mighty fine!...I won't give any of the plot away but just to say its about a bank raid thats not what it seems...hmmmmm

I have had a few enquiries asking about my online penis...its working very well but the only bit i don't like is having to attach it and detach it when either you undress or dress...I suppose you can't have everything! :)

I am having doubts about the Labour party, now thats about as monumental as the pope (the cunt) saying that he has lost religion...I really do think its time for Gordon to step in and Tony to disappear to a well earned rest. Tony has done us proud in the past but unfortunately he has lost control of the political backbiting within...its not his fault and i still admire and respect Tony for what he has done to further enivironmental, education and health issues in the past few years. I do believe though that he has been throwing money at pensioners for far too long and that the party should now ignore the voice of the old and concentrate on the welfare of the younger and disillusioned majority. Soapbox now closed.

According to a French newspaper its now once more cool to be queer...does that mean we will see every minor celebrity coming out of the closet for a while just to gain votes...god help us..

All for now
Neil x


mcaretaker said...

Most people seem to have forgoten that Tony can't just pass on the leadership to anyone. There has to be an election where it's one member on vote with the party membership.

mcaretaker said...

That should have read one member one vote.....sorry