Tuesday, May 02, 2006

...going back to that Dyslexic pimp who bought a warehouse...

Hellooeee......I hope we all had a nice weekend...and a nice holiday Monday for those of us England based...not much to tell here really, went round Lisa's home last night...first time I had seen it fully furnished and it's really lovely...you can see some pictures on flickr, but Lisa made a great Italian/Jamaican Shephers pie (Bolognese based with a topping of Sweet Potatoe and then Mashed potato covered in Cheese) which tastes absolutely wonderous, and after being on my Cabbage soup diet for the first day today am regretting refusing Lisa's offer of bringing some home with me!..oh well i will have to wait until next time!...have any of you joined me on my week long cabbage soup quest..let me know if you have!

I watched 'Basic Instinct 2' yesterday and i must admit I was expecting to watch a real stinker as I had heard all the bad press surrounding it...actually it wasn't really that bad...okay, so it does start off with Stan Collymore putting his hand up Sharon Stone's snatch whilst she is driving through deserted London at 140 miles per hour and as she orgasms the car flies over the edge of a wall...that aside its quite a good crime thriller, a bit of fluff but good adult thriller entertainment...one thing I must say is that Sharon Stone looks damn hot!...I don't know what she has had done but it certainly suits her!

Did you know?.....

there are only 4 aardvarks in the UK

1869 people had a tummy tuck in the UK in 2005

If you see CTD written on your hospital notes it's not good...its doctor speak for 'circling the drain' (a patient expected to die soon!)

58% of Turkish Men have had an extra marital affair...most of those with female tourists!

all for now...ciao babies...
Neil x

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3Steel said...

I think someone swallowed an indypedia for breakfast, Lol