Thursday, May 04, 2006

...bad boys stick together, never sad boys do do do do dooh do do dooh

Well who would have thought it even two Jag’s sorry that’s two shags is at it behind the ministerial sofa. They say that women are attracted to the bad boys and in the past let’s face it punching someone whilst on the election trail is no mean feat. Mind you I suppose you have to look on the bright side, if Two jags can get extras if he wants then there is hope for every poor sod who wastes there money on internet dating.

Mind you I bet Prescott is laughing all over the place at present. No sooner has he been caught with his trousers down (God what a thought) than Charles Clarke makes the biggest gaff since the pubic voted in Margaret Thatcher in 1979. And all in a week when the country is about to vote in local elections. Tony must be wishing he was back in the good old days of the Iraq war at least then he new who the enemy were, at the moment Labour seems to be doing a pretty good impression of scuttling its own boat. Not that the Tories are a viable option, can anyone really say they are prepared to put there X by a chinless twit who pretends to be something he is not. The latest slogan is “vote Blue get Green” my old grandma used to say “Blue and green should never be seen”,
I know which one of the pair I would trust. Sorry perhaps it’s the generation I belong to or may be just my upbringing but nothing not even time will soften my view of that rancorous old bag.

Talking of Margaret Thatcher which I have to say I do as little as possible I was amazed to find that Kids are being taught about the Miners strike and the Tory party breaking the unions as part of History at school these days. Yes I agree it was a very important part of British history but I lived through that it seems to be far too recent to be history. Or am I older than I remember? I am proud to say that I taught my son to say Thatcher Thatcher the milk snatcher as one of his very first sentences.

I wrote a month ago or so about the speed issue that I am having with NTL at present. Well it’s still ongoing and at present I have no idea when it will be up to speed. No pun intended. To recap NTL have run out of bandwidth with there broadband service. The bigger the package you have i.e. the 10 Meg service the bigger the problem. So at the moment I am lucky if I get 3 Meg and sometimes I drop to 1.5. Ha well at least for the duration of the problem it’s all free. So people if your out in the street and you see one of those little green and purple tents that NTL stuff full of people with a mental age of three who think that customer service is about looking at you when you talk to them do me a favour and tell them what a crappy company they are selling for. My patience is wearing thin. (or you could just kick the tent and hope someone is inside!...blogmaster)
Matt x


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your blog Matt, you won't be surprised if I say I don't agree with some of it but it has made me smile this morning. Here's hoping the fab weather continues this weekend. Gx

Anonymous said...

this is the matt we know and love...better than that techno crap that you keep posting! :)

piddy77 said...

oh i think that last comment was a bit uncalled for...but i must admit that I have told matt that i prefer it when he is his normal sarcastic and acerbic self! lol :)