Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Subterranean Y viva Espana

Good Evening

Well here we are again and on pain of death I am writing this blog. Not having access to a computer at home is very hard at the moment, BT are saying one thing and electrician is saying another hopefully normal transmission will be quick and painless but I have been without the Internet since the beginning of April and its becoming more frustrating. I have to rely on others for access and its not always easy but here goes.

Had a rather strange week last week my brother jetted off to Spain to see friends who live in a cave

"Since the Arab invasion of Spain, there have been cave dwellers in the north eastern area of Andalusia.In more recent times, and up to the 1950's, it was the native farming communities who used caves for shelter, both for their families and their livestock.As the economic climate of Spain changed with mass tourism, rural populations began to fall rapidly as people flocked to work on the coast. Many caves were abandoned.
Once again as the needs of the populous have changed, many people, amongst them many British and other northern Europeans, inhibited by cost and climatic conditions in their native countries, are attracted to the idea of escaping from the busier resort areas of Andalusia and integrating into a more rural and peaceful way of life. Cave houses have once again enjoyed a revival in popularity.
Giving a traditional cave a modern makeover has proven to be very successful.These cave houses have more to offer than ever before. The 21st century Andalusia cave house, once reformed, is equipped with all mod cons.As well as the necessary water and electricity supplies, many have phone and thus internet connection.
The internal cave temperature is an approximate constant of 18 - 20 C throughout the year, due to the natural insulation of the rock into which it is built. Cave houses are therefore cool in summer and warm in winter. Most caves have a fire place which, depending on the caves location, maybe necessary for the colder months of the year.
Cave houses are generally ecologically sound and the area lends itself perfectly to utilising alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind, leading to even lower maintenance costs.
No two caves are alike. They have individual charm and personality; each cave house is unique in design and most are adaptable to your needs.
The size of caves varies from one bedroom homes to large six to eight bedroom family homes/business opportunities. Many have two or more bathrooms and they often have large kitchens and bodegas (pantries). Caves can be extended into the rock as far as you wish, all building works should be carried out by a legal and qualified builder who will liaise with the local town hall if permission is required for the type of works to be carried out.
Additional benefits of considering a cave house are that they are still affordable with relatively low purchase costs.As with any 're-discovered' way of life their increasing popularity is leading to price increases, so there could not be a better time to invest in a Cave house. "

Copied from www.spanishsecret.co.uk

Drew and Helen brought their cave over 18 months ago and my brother went over to see what work they had done to it.

So I was left with looking after my niece and nephew for 3 days and they as always were well behaved and a pleasure to look after but its all the other bits that come with looking after kids, washing, cooking, cleaning and running a home and being domesticated and then there is walking two dogs twice a day. I needed a holiday after 3 days, and I missed a pub night too! Anyway back to normal this week my brother is back and I am childless hooray!

On a more hilarious note I spent the evening in the company of Neil last night and watched a brilliant cartoon film very very funny called `Over the Hedge` I can highly recommend it, then it was dilemma time as Celebrity X Factor clashed with Big Brother – Celebrity X Factor won the day well what a bunch they are ok 10p goes to Charity but are they really celebrities. It was painful to watch in places the best bit was Sharron Osbournes comments to Rebecca Loos (what did she do to become a celebrity ! ) (pig wanking was terrific...blogmaster)

If you did not see it last night you can catch up with it as its on for the next week that’s if you cant find something better to watch

Ciao for now
Lisa xx

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