Tuesday, May 16, 2006

...for that blog had no name...and so in future it would be known as nameless...

Well another week has flown by and we are drawing ever nearer to June (24 days to be exact) already cars are displaying flags and stickers, why do we get so patriotic about a football team yet you never see a flag any other time of the year. In Canada and America they are proud to fly their flag outside their humble abode yet display a flag and immediately you are asked to remove it because it may cause offense.
I was only telling Neil about a poster that was advertising a fitness club and that it had been dubbed with white paint as the picture was of a naked women, Neil thought it could have been vandals but as the poster was displayed in Queens Park in Bedford I begged to differ. And low an behold it was in the local paper that week about how some people had been offended about the poster and had covered it in paint.

The blogs this past few weeks have been really good it’s a shame that no one leaves any comments, whether good or bad its would be nice to know that someone has read it. :) (I will be checking this blogs comments just to see the reaction!)

As Neil mentioned yesterday we had an exciting trip to IKEA, but I have to say is it me do you take your life in your hands when you sit behind the wheel of your car? There is no consideration anymore people just pull out at junctions, overtake anywhere (I was overtaken by a girl in a Peugeot 206 on Ampthill Road last week she was driving the car with one hand while rabbiting on a mobile!).

I was so shocked I wanted to get my phone and report her to the Police but then I would have been as bad as her, that and the fact I was not quick enough to get her license plate number. The same is true of bus drivers, white van man and lorries just because they drive big vehicles does not mean they can just pull out in front. Oh and don’t get me started on taxi drivers most of whom are a law unto themselves, they must have attended a totally different driving school then the rest of us because they don’t know how to drive, they pull out, don’t indicate, stop in the middle of the road to drop passengers off. Oh then there’s the school run where its how near can I park to the school to drop off my little angels. I mean parking and walking a few yards might kill them. It just goes to show that when its half term you can get to and from work in a matter of minutes, yet it can nearly a day to get to work during school terms.

Oh well rant over for this week

Just one more thing

Good Luck Arsenal
(Champions League Final Arsenal v Barcelona 7.45pm Wednesday 17 May 2006)

Lisa x

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