Sunday, May 21, 2006

suprise suprise it's sort of a big brother thread!...

well what have we got so far...bonner with her northern attitude and a voice that the posh ones have trouble in understanding...Pete, the tourettes sufferer who i have taken a bit of a shine for and at the moment is the life and soul of the, hmmm a bit of posh totty eye candy who seems very dull and i don't think anyone would notice if he just left...shahbaz, what can you say, a raving and annoying queen who thinks he is gods gift to all the other fellas in the house but is understandably rejected by one and all. He is an obsessed, cloying and shameful monster of a poof....lea, damaged goods who i swear is more like 50 than her confessed age of 35, tasteless to the extreme and looks like she should be propping up peter stringfellow with one of her bingo wings as a catching net...Imogen, now she is pretty and she is sweet, she looks like her hair should be made out of fairy dust and her eyes twinkle like badgers in the snow...i like her!....Mikey, out and out male chauvanist but quite good to look at, does not seem very willing to take clothes off...dawn, 38, exercise scientist, seemed scary and hard nosed but when she entered the house a different persona took over, she likes teaching yoga and seems very sensible...Glyn, the most beautiful life guard in wales (so he was voted), a bit like Mr Muscle man but he is a nudist so should lighten the house up a bit, seems a bit naive and sweet to me though and might get eaten alive by stronger characters...Richard, an out and out gay canadian sexual predator, good looking, would like to see him in nothing but his hat...mmmmm....Grace, posh totty 2, a bit dull again, don't like her really...lisa, ugly chinese mancunian whose voice reminds you off nails down a blackboard, common as muck and a gluttonous piggy person, yeuch...Sezer, extremely fit looking especially with no clothes on as in the other night, seems a bit cocky but his masculinity lets him get away with it, self made entrepreneur but with a tiny weeny chip on his shoulder...lastly, nikki, thick as shit wannabe footballers wife...she has nails, hair and no brain...get her out, quickly!

Many many congratulations to Finland for blowing the balls out of the Eurovision contest last night...oh how we sat there cheering...woo hoo!...enjoy the video!


Neil x

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