Tuesday, May 09, 2006

hey! and away we go, through the frost. wind and snow...

I was going to write about my run in with a Parking Attendant but after careful consideration I have decided not too, didn’t think that they deserve the recognition, or the paper lets just say that she was a jobs worth – ok I admit I was a few minutes late getting back to my vehicle but despite my pleas she still went ahead a printed off the ticket.

Anyway had a good week last week Neil as you know came round for dinner and a fun time was had by all although the impromptu OK magazine type photos were his idea lol he didn’t give me time to change into anything sparkly or slap some crap on my face!

On Thursday I volunteered to be a counter for the local election so at 9.45 I turned up at the Corn Exchange and was sent to a table awaiting the ballot boxes to arrive, had no idea what to expect and have to say I enjoyed the experience although we did have to count and re-count twice and there were fast counters and slow counters. It could feel quite intimidating when the potential candidate were hovering in front of you while you were counting, and telling you had put the wrong slip on the wrong pile! Anyway there was cheering from some camps and blank stares from others but all in all a good laugh.

Well as those of you know it was my 21st Birthday again on Sunday and we all descended on my brother and sister-in-laws in St Neots. Neil was invited and I had warned him on pain of death not to talk about religion, the Pope or swearing, as my Dad would be there. But I need not have worried Neil was as ever brilliant. He did not moan when we got half way to St Neots and then had to turn back as I had forgotten something my Dad had asked me to bring.

I have to say I had a lovely day even managing a go on the trampoline although I was unable to do a flip like my nieces and brother, but by the laughing I gather I gave all my family a good laugh.

Of course the main event of the day was the football and all except Kye who was the odd man out being a Spurs fan relayed the score out, he got a lot of leg pulling that day but took it in his stride. The rest of us were jumping and cheering when the final whistle blew – woo hoo to Arsenal!!

Neil fell in love with Freddie 6 months old and such a laid back and placid dog, and Freddie took a shine to Neil too!

I did not want the day to end the food, the cake and the company were just excellent and we even made a date for June Neil, 3Steel and I are off to the Kambar in Cambridge with Paul, Sharon and Mel should be a good night lots of rock and indie music. Neil better not let me down that night or else lol

Ciao for now

Lisa xx

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