Thursday, May 11, 2006

Vegetables have feelings too!!

Evening people and welcome to another Thursday where it’s me at the helm of Piddy’s Place!!!!!!! I have for many years had an overwhelming urge to do physical harm to a certain part of society, and for no good reason other than they are different to me. They wear sandals with socks, and have beards and bang on uncontrollably about how fucking virtuous they are. I am of course talking about vegetarians and I am going to devote the major portion of this week’s blog to them.

I am utterly fed up with being looked down from on high by people who think they are better than the rest of society just because they think eating what nature intended us to eat is wrong. I have no problem in letting every veggie in the land eat whatever leaf based green compost they wish as long as they do not try and force it on to my plate. And why does it have to have a special name “Vegetarian Food” The rest of us do not look for the “Carnivorous Option”, we just look at the menu and choose what looks nice and appeals at the time.

I agree that if you eat meat you should be fully aware of its source and what happens to it before it gets to your mouth. I even think that you should be prepared to kill something to eat at some point in your life. There is nothing like killing an animal you know to eat to make sure you do it justice when cooking, it makes you think about the value of life in a funny sort of way.

When I go out for a meal unless I am very lucky there is usually a vegetarian option on the menu. And I know it’s a veggie option because restaurants have been pressurised in to adding on one of those little “V” things beside it. Why in all that is good do we have to cater for veggies amongst normal diners. Have vegetarians because of there strange meatless existence suddenly lost the ability to read. Do we need to point out to the tofu eating left over hippy tie dye twits that this is there place on the menu? When I go out I read the menu and ask the staff about the food if the description does not suffice. I ponder the menu trying to mix a starter with a main to make a nice overall effect. Why not just go the whole hog and put a little skull and crossbones by all meat dishes to identify them as suitable for carnivores.

I have an ambition and that is to go into one of the vegetarian establishments and demand to see the meat eater’s option on the menu. After all fair is fair whenever the carrot munchers sit with the grown ups to eat they expect the veggie option. The French have the right idea they view vegetarians as some sort of sub species. Try asking for the veggie option in a restaurant in rural France, you will probably be chased out by the chef wealding a cleaver hoping to add you to the dish of the day.
Night Night all its time for dinner.
Matt x

(KILL MORE COWS…KILL MORE COWS…Yee Haaaaa...blogmaster )

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3Steel said...

I once throttled a chicken on my girlfriend's dad's farm, and had great fun trying to catch it after i dropped on the floor thinking it was dead, only to find when i did catch it that it was,infact,dead as a doornail.
tasted good too!!