Wednesday, May 24, 2006

...The ABC of hermaphrodites...

Hi y'all

hope everyone is well....not much to report from this end really...have added a graveyard set to my flickr really proud of some of the photos and it was a really interesting and peaceful place...I had lisa for company and we strolled amongst the dead who seemed to be giving vibrant life to the flowers and foliage that surrounded them...isn't life grand!

Have been getting massive headaches due to trying to solve Perplex City puzzles...have now got 3steel and Carl hooked as well and we are now melding our brains together to create an unbeatable intelligence source (I wish!)

I am so glad that 'paki poof' (his own words so please don't accuse me of being rascist as all the people around me know that is not true) shabaz has left the BB house, he was just a shit stirring little attention grabber who was stressing the other house mates out. Let him go back to his little council house in glasgow and wallow in his own self turns out he has not had a job in 22 years, can i ask why he is getting jobseekers allowance?...and for the record, NO, he will not get a loving partner acting in the childish immature manner that he showed to the nation...end of...fuck off!

This weeks Dr Who should be good as it is another one written by Mark Gattis (League of Gentlemen) who wrote last years scary one about the Victorian ghost lady...also, check out his novel 'The Vesuvius Club' , its sort of a gay sherlock holmes romp (except the character is Lucifer Box) which I read whilst in Egypt last year, really good book and well worth a read.

Am due to go to Doctors next week and it is now looking that they may let me back to work at the beginning to middle of's been a long time now, i wonder if it will feel like starting a new job healing quite nicely though, still have some scabby bits lol but what do you expect after major surgery...also i think doctor will give me permission to start exercise again so out will come the cross trainer...on the roof skiing back and forth should be quite nice in the sunshine!

anyway i will leave you to enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, watch out for blogs from Matt and 3Steel in the next few days...


Neil x

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